NaBloPoMo #30- Xanax, Anyone?

Great. A whole lot of stress is about to be introduced back into my life.

Good thing I start training with Mike tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo #29- The Yeti is Dead

The joys of having all girls. Hair fights in the mornings, clothes fights in the afternoon, period talk at the dinner table. We’ve experienced it all. Recently we had “the Talk” with Zombiegirl because they were showing a “body” film in school and I wanted her to be prepared. TMI, Mom. That’s what I got when I showed her the “Miracle of Birth” film.

We were on our way to Cheeburger, Cheeburger (review to follow) in Plainview tonight in Dad’s truck. MR was in the front and Beena, Z-girl and I were in the back. The AC was blasting and Z-girl was getting goosebumps. Which caused the hair on her legs to stand straight up! Beena and I were amazed at how much hair she had- she was furry! Okay, she’s got a great tan and blondish hair but alot of it. When she put her legs into the front seat to show MR, he called her a Wookie. I’ve had this discussion with some of the other moms (seems this generation is unnaturally hairy) and we’ve all agreed that it’s to early for them to shave. But Beena suggested using Nair on the little Yeti.

I am thankful that Zombiegirl is growing up with an older sister. When I piss her off, and I know I will, it’s good to know she can go to her sister, who has a good head on her shoulders. She’ll confide more in Beena than with me, and I’m surprisingly okay with that. I don’t have a sibling anymore to share my pains and joys so I’m glad the girls have each other. And getting rid of unwanted hair might be a little cooler if she takes it off with her sister instead of her mom. As long as she runs downstairs with a big grin on her face and rubs her legs against mine to show how smooth they are. As long as she still wants to snuggle on the couch- just a little while longer.

NABloPoMo #28- I Was Blogging, I Swear!

Oh for crying out loud, I can’t wait until August is over and I can forget to blog a day and not feel guilty.

I was blogging last night, really.

Just not here.

My hubby- he who still does not have an ATM card, fought to NOT get EZ Pass and won’t join Facebook- has a blog.

Yes. You read correctly.

You see, he has a love of watches- much like Rachel Zoe loves shoes, or a drug addict loves a speedball- he loves watches. He tries to talk to me about the 75mm o-ring or the 32 jewels in the automatic setting but I just kinda…

Oops. Sorry. Spaced out a little there. See? That’s what happens when he starts watch talking to me. So I suggested awhile back that he start a blog so that he can spout all his expertise to other watch collectors.

So having some blog experience I helped him set up his account and template. He figured out how to upload the pictures himself, bless his heart! His very clever, so if you can get through the watch mumbo-jumbo, he writes a good blog.

From Time to Time. Read it and comment- make him feel good!

NaBloPoMo #27- AuntSoo to the fourth!

I’m going to be an aunt again! MR’s baby sister Paula and her husband Ray are expecting!

This will be their fourth child. All the rest are four and under.

They’re crazy. But they make beautiful babies.

When Raymond, formerly known as Ray-Ray, was little and Paula was expecting Sammy, Beena went upstate to live with them for the summer as an au pair. She got really close to the kids- so close that the family took her to the Bahamas with them so Paula and Ray could go out at night. Unfortunately, we live about an hour and a half away, so I don’t get to see them as much as I want to.

But when we do, we can’t help talking about them all the way home. They are riots. Sammy (aka Samantha) with her crazy beautiful hair, Raymond with his fasination with trucks and guns and Lily asking “why?” all the time. They are precocious, smart and wild. They’re loving and funny and satisfy my need to read to small children. And tickle. I have to tickle these kids because their laughs are cotton candy and gumdrops. I’ve done “baby hat” *to each and every one of those kids- some of them while in the hospital waiting for their baby brother or sister to be born. I wish I lived around the corner so Aunt Soo can spoil them rotten. I’m jealous of Titi who only lives five minutes away. But I love Titi, too. She’s a wonderful aunt,

Paula doesn’t want to know what the next baby is going to be, but I think we’re all wishing for a boy. I know whatever it is, it’ll be as beautiful and loved as the others.

We took this picture to give to Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas last year…

What a family!

NaBloPoMo #26- September is Anti-Procrastination Month!

Okay, so I’m caught up on my NaBloPoMo. I really fell apart, physically. But thanks to those who reminded me that I was behind. So kind, so kind.

So we’re winding down August. Holy crap, where did the month go? Pre-camping was spent planning for camping, then post-camping was spent being sick. Throw the craft sale in there (which I WILL blog about) and August has just been used up.

I was thinking about September and how this month always felt like the beginning of a new year. As a kid, I always looked forward to September- a new grade in school, new cartoon lineup, new clothes, new supplies. January never felt like a new year- it was always September.

This September I have a lot to look forward to as well as a lot to be thankful for. Zombiegirl is going into the 5th grade. She’s also starting on her Travel Soccer team. We’re celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary. My favorite season starts. 9/9/09 occurs (I always love those dates…) In honor of this September, I wanted to start anew, too, and finish specific things I’ve started. So I label September Anti-Procrastination Month. At least in my little world.

The things I want to get done in September are:

  • Finish St. Andrew’s renovation. This takes all of two pieces of wood, but I’ve been putting it off then forgetting about it. ‘K, this is also a good idea for a blog post- my renovation efforts of the church.
  • Update St. Andrew’s website. Will try to be a weekly thing, but I have to start it.
  • Finish the upstairs hallway painting. I have a small piece left on the ceiling- what is my problem? Why can’t I finish this??? Once I finish, I can start blaming MR for not finishing the balustrades, bathroom, etc! Throw the ball back into his court.
  • Do three things on my 101 in 1001 days list, specifically #15, #40, and #46.

Seven things. That’s not a big deal, right? Completing these seven things will clear the way for the rest of the things I have to do without feeling guilty. Such small things, but they weigh heavy on my soul.

If I can complete these the first week of September, I’ll add more. Not making any promises to myself, though. We’ll see. Procrastination IS my middle name.

NaBloPoMo #25- Stuck on You

I find things stuck on or in my body.

Like the day 11 or 12 years ago I found a bead in my belly button.

I had forgotten the girls and I were playing with beads and they stuck it in there to make me pretty. Three days before I actually found it.

Or the time I was at work and used the ladies room. While washing my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed a huge parrot sticker stuck to the side of my hair. The girls had a ritual- they would give me a sticker in the morning to “remember them” while I was at work. They would put it on my shirt and I would take it off when I left the house. I changed my shirt that day after being stickered, and figured the sticker was still on the shirt. Nope, it was on my hair. And no one told me. I rode the A Train in that morning. For over an hour. And worked. For over an hour.

Or the time I had a Chiquita banana sticker stuck to my pants. I brought a banana to work and the sticker made it’s way from the banana to my chair. I sat down and Tada! [cue music] I’m a Chiquita banana, and I’m here to say- I’m an asshat! Practically all day. Until my manager told me I had a sticker on my ass, and could he take it off for me? (The days before sexual harassment awareness…)

Or the time (this morning) I’m taking a shower and find an OB tampon wrapper (you know, the plastic middle piece that separates the top and the bottom) stuck on my ass. Was it from last night, when I changed the OB, or from this morning when I sat on the toilet? Either way, it was there for awhile because I was up at 5:00 am (see dreamscape below) doing stuff and I took a shower at 6:00 am.

Am I unusually sticky? Or maybe overly sweaty? Or just clueless.

I vote for clueless. I just picked up my lunch two blocks away with my suit jacket buttoned crooked. And wondered why the weird lady in the lobby was looking at ME weirdly.

I’m an asshat.

NaBloPoMo #24- Dreamscape 1

This segment brought to you by Mamasoo’s wacky subconscience…

As he leaned over her sleeping body, her eyes snapped open and all she could see were his gleaming fangs. She twisted her head to the left, to see if her husband was awake and if he was, did he see what she was seeing? The intense pain she experienced when she turned snapped her head back- face to face with the vampire. She cried out- not because she was afraid, because she was strangely calm, but because her neck hurt so much. Did he already bite me, she thought? “No,” he said aloud, “I didn’t. Yet.” Now she felt a small trickle of fear creep down her spine. Where was her husband? She moved her hand over the quilt to where her husband should be. There was the remote for the TV, but no husband. “He’s not here,” the vampire whispered in her ear. “There’s no one here but you and me.” She tried again to turn her head to the left, but again met with intense pain. She whimpered and the vampire, in reply to her murmur, brushed his fangs against the tight knot in her neck. “You have a pinched nerve, my love.” He placed the points of his fangs against the pain. “Here, let me relieve you of the agony.” As he shifted on the bed to place her in the most tender of embraces, she rolled to the left, ignoring the searing pain in her neck. The vampire fell on the empty spot and cried out in frustration. With a speed that defied nature, he was on her from behind, holding her head at an angle that would allow him access to the tight cable in her neck, as well as her vein. With a moan, he sank his fangs deep into the ache in her neck. She screamed, first her husband’s name, then the name of the vampire, before she lost consciousness.

Deep in the comforting blackness, she heard the insects. They grew louder and louder until she rushed to the surface of the abyss and realized it was her alarm clock. It was 5:00. Time to get up.

A pinched nerve, True Blood and too many vampire books have invaded my dreams. Thanks, SS23, for starting the Dreamscape series.