F*CK YOU Friday- Covid-19 Edition

I’ve been working on this for 13 weeks now.

  • F*ck you, China. Thousands and thousands of deaths could have been prevented if you were just up front with the rest of the world.
  • F*ck you to all the asshats who are driving stupid fast on the nearly empty streets and highways. If you get into an accident, you have to go to the hospital, do you realize that? A hospital is no place to be right now, so slow the f*ck down.
  • F*ck you to all the entitled people who aren’t wearing masks when the whole world is. I don’t care to discuss the science behind them, whether or not they work- the store has a policy, please comply. If you’re going to be in my 6-foot radius space, please comply.
  • F*ck you to the stimulus package. Yes, thank you, we got our stimulus checks (which went right to paying our 2019 taxes) but people like Zombiegirl, who is working (deemed essential) and going to school and is over 21 doesn’t get a thing because we claim her on our taxes. Her demographic is the forgotten one.
  • F*ck you to everyone who traveled somewhere else during this pandemic. I don’t care if you “quarantined” for two weeks once you got there, you came in contact with so many people on your way there. I unfollowed a few bloggers who got out of Dodge (NYC) because the thought of being in their apartment with their kids was too much for them (but okay for the rest of us) .
  • Not exactly a F*ck you, and I’m going to get shit for this but I’m tired of everyone praising the “front line workers”. Doctors and nurses- I get it, you were out there working in the hospitals, you risked getting infected and you’ve seen things. It was a rough few months. BUT YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS. This is your job. You are trained for this and you are getting a paycheck when so many others aren’t. And please don’t use your job for privilege. Just because you work in a hospital and/or wear scrubs does not make you an “essential worker” and doesn’t entitle you to move to the front of the line in the store or let you buy more than two hand sanitizers at Harmon. “Healthcare worker” does not equal freebies and priority. Tell me how an obstetric sonogram technician is “saving lives on the front line”? SMH.
  • Also, just because you work in the Healthcare industry does not make you an expert in all things Coronavirus. Sit the f*ck down if you do not have MD or RN (or any medical degree initials) after your name. And watching the news or reading the government websites doesn’t make you an expert either. Mine and my family’s experience with the medical profession is our own, don’t tell me I’m wrong. You make me want to not talk to humans ever again.
  • F*CK YOU to the hospitals who were woefully unprepared for this kind of pandemic. The mere fact that you were unable to provide basic personal protection to your staff (laundry staff included) was/is disgraceful. Isn’t a hospital supposed to be prepared for the worst? Where is that money allocated to?(Board of Trustees pockets, I’m sure). The healthcare system got caught with their pants down and I hope they stockpile the basic needs to such an emergency in the future. America shouldn’t be “sewing for the cause” to provide your employees with face masks. Healthcare is expensive, follow the money- why is Suzy homemaker doling out dollars to keep your employees safe?
  • F*ck you, Cathleen. You made me quit working at Stop and Shop. I get that you have mental health issues (weren’t you fired from the Dollar Tree?) but you need some serious help. My last two run ins with you were because you panicked about the pandemic and became unhinged. There was no reason to go off on me when I was just doing my job. And the fact that you KEPT coming at me, even after you left the store twice and returned to spit hatred at me just proves to everyone that you really shouldn’t be working with others. A huge F*CK YOU to management who is aware of your outbursts and how badly you treat the customers and your coworkers and they do nothing to stop you. Cashiers are replaceable and expendable, yet they don’t have the balls to fire you. But I’m not surprised- they didn’t even have the balls to discuss the incident with me, so why should I expect them to that the balls to deal with you?
  • F*CK YOU to all the people who jumped at the chance to get out of the house and hang out/go shopping/go drinking. Memorial Day. Fourth of July. We’re now experiencing a surge of cases and there are new restrictions on travel and socializing and it will not stop until you Stay. The. Fuck. Home.

Non- F*CK YOU Friday

My brain lately has been pretty calm.  In the midst of the worldwind of the busiest time of the quarter at work (allocations), I’ve not felt my friend Rage rear it’s ugly ass.  During the mile walk home after taking the wrong bus (have I told you how much I hate the N6?), my mind was calm and I listened for birdsong.  Not even the self-centered, arrogant and/or stupid people I deal with daily have risen the hackles on the back of my neck.  My disasterously wet commute last week was dealt with without extreme high blood pressure.  Yes, I was angry at the cars that splashed me, and the company that made my boots, but I reacted much calmer than usual.  Time wasn’t spent ranting and raving.  Well, not as much.  And the result of the crappy day I had yesterday was only a craving for a beer.

Usually, I would have wanted scotch.  And heads to roll.

Yes, the trail is smooth, dry and beautiful.  Was that a chipmunk?

I’ve found my equivalent of Xanax.  One 540 mg tablet a day of Black Cohosh takes my rage away.  I don’t feel the urge to smack, maim or eat my friends and family.  I don’t feel the build-up of angst or utter angriness when I’m stuck in traffic, stepped on while riding the bus (damn N6) or walking through Times Square.  I’m not a zombie- I still get angry at the damn tourists, but I don’t feel like pulling a gun on every stupid person in NYC.

Black Cohosh- I thank you.  You are a beautiful thing.


I can’t say enough about the customer service I received at Fishin’ Chix after I shot off a kind of nasty email about my broken boots.  I was wet and cold and out $54, so I told them what had happened and that I wasn’t happy.  Within MINUTES I got back this email:

Well Ms. Sue, I would hope you would give us a chance to make it right with you before you choose not to recommend us to anyone.  We like to pride ourselves on our high fashion and quality.  Unfortunately, we had about a 1% failure rate on that particular boot.  We have since gotten a new shipment in and are extremely satisfied with the testing we have done on it.  If you give me your information and the size you need I would be more than happy to send you another pair.  The new shipment we got in runs almost an entire size smaller than the ones we previously had so please keep that in mind when telling me your size.  I look forward to getting you another pair of Black circle boots and restoring your confidence in our products.

I did apologize in my reply for the terse email ( I WAS wet and cold…)  She replied it was no big deal, she’s had days like that.  Within three days, I received a new pair of boots. 

Wow.  I like these folks so much now, everyone is getting boots for Christmas!  Thanks, Fishin’ Chix!