NaBloPoMo #22- Down for the Count

My body is betraying me. It’s kicking its own ass. And because of this, my weekend was put on hold.

Including posting for NaBloPoMo. Shit.

Did I mention I got the stomach virus Zombiegirl came down with? The stomach virus Beena then caught? Well I guess it wasn’t the full blown virus I had on Thursday because I GOT IT AGAIN YESTERDAY! Let me recap my wonderful weekend…

Friday I had to go to New Jersey. I woke up with a migraine- I’ll explain the reason why in a minute- and still queasy from the day before. I slept on the train and felt a little better before I got onto the ferry. Have I written about my commute to Weehawken once a month? Oh, it’s so much fun. I take the 7:38 LIRR to Penn Station. Across the street from Penn I catch the NY Waterways Ferry bus to the ferry terminal. Then I take the Ferry to Weehawken. Add a plane to that and I’ve covered most modes of transportation. So to do all this with a migraine wasn’t my idea of a good time. Much like sitting in a conference room all day going over the same crap we went over two weeks prior isn’t my idea of a good time. You could say I go inot these meetings with a bad attitude already. Being sick didn’t help. Plus, I was supposed to go out with work friends that night to celebrate some birthdays. I was just not feeling up to it, and I’m sure I hurt some feelings. Sorry, but not my fault.

I leave around 4:00pm but when I walk out, it’s more like 9:00 pm. It was totally dark- did I black out for a few hours? Did the meeting run too long? Nope, the rains are coming. And come they did. The heavens opened up the minute I stepped out of the building (of course they did!) I shared my tiny umbrella with someone else walking to the ferry, then with this poor guy holding papers and getting soaked. With three people under my umbrella my poor new Coach bag got drenched, as did my sweater. I took it off on the ferry and actually wrung it out. So that’s why I woke up with such a bad migraine- was it supposed to rain like this today?

I get home and it’s a mad dash to get everything together for the craft sale on Saturday. All I want to do is go to sleep, but I have to remember to take everything with me, since we’re going out to the beach house in order to leave at a decent time to make it to the Hamptons by 8:00 am the next morning. Beena is throwing up and I feel totally guilty leaving her. She reassures me she’s going to sleep right after we leave. I still feel bad, but we have to go. At this point my head is pounding. I sleep in the car. MR is not happy.

The rest of Friday night I spend finishing up the Fairy wands I was sewing at the meeting (heh) and watching more of “Dead Like Me” on Why didn’t I go to bed, you ask? Sleep is the ultimate relief, you say! Why did you stay up to make wands?

I was afraid I wouldn’t have much to sell at the craft sale.

And it was a good thing I did. They all sold. But that’s another post.

Fast forward to Sunday, the day we’re supposed to go to Splish Splash and have everyone over for a BBQ. I wake up at around five in the morning with my ass telling me to Go! Go! Go! Quickly! I fly to the bathroom and…

Great. The Big D.

I go back to bed and fifteen minutes later- Go! Go! GO! This went on for an hour until my virus figured it would be more efficient if it found another exit. Go north, it said!

Have I told you how much I hate throwing up?

I cried myself back to bed, hating my body, hating the person who gave us this bug and hating MR becuase he didn’t wake up and comfort me. What do I do about Splish Splash? And why does my head still hurt? Well, the Splish Splash thing worked out- MR dropped Zombiegirl off to meet up with the soccer families, and Beena recuperated enough that she and Big J went too. No one wanted to come over for a BBQ becuase I was infected , so I slept all day while MR played on the PC (thanks, Jeff!) I figured while I sleep I can’t throw up. But the minute I woke up- Go! Go! GO!

Did I mention that while my body was betraying me this way I was also bleeding like a stuck pig? So I had all that crap to deal with, too. If I ever meet Eve in the Heaven, I’m going to punch her in the head.

I need vitamins.


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