Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

I had to learn this poem by Robert Frost in Junior High School. Then, when I read “The Outsiders” I came across it again. I think it’s a fitting poem for how I’m feeling right now. September came and FLEW by, and I feel like I didn’t, once again, get what I wanted to accomplish done. I had such high hopes for this month and here it is the last day and my good intentions sank to grief.
So I continue into October with the projects that I didn’t get to in September.
To recap from here:
  • I didn’t get to St. Andrew’s renovation. The weekend I wanted to do it, MR went bear hunting. Then I got a migraine. So hopefully this weekend the last two pieces will be glued in.
  • I’m going to work on St. A’s website this weekend. My deadline for giving Pastor a template is Monday.
  • I finished the ceiling in the hallway…BUT…when I took the blue tape off the wall, it took pieces of the finished wall paint with it. So now I have to touch that up. ETA- tomorrow (Thursday.) After that it’s sanding the stairway wall and steps.
  • My alteration pile yielded me 3 pairs of capri pants, a fitted shirt and a new skirt. Still left to do are two backpacks that ripped and two pairs of Z-girl’s pants to be shortened.
  • The sewing room has been organized but not cleaned. There are piles stacked everywhere- I have to invest in more bins. I did clean out the closet and was able to store more crap in there.
  • I have not touched my credit report for fear of blowing up my PC. How would I explain that to my boss?

So here I am again. I’ll be trying to make these things work out in the next week or so. Then it’s clear sailing through my 101 in 1001 goals.

Unless i get kidnapped by aliens.

Results Not Typical

After a week of not working out (migraines, stomach viruses and bronchitis (Mike’s, not mine)) I’m finally back to my Tuesday/Thursday routine.

What a difference a week makes.

Today Mike said he would take it easy on me- ease me back into the routine. Well thanks, Mike. If that’s easy, I don’t want it hard.

After six minutes on the treadmill at 4.0 (still don’t know…) we went downstair to this ginormous machine I had to lay down in and do leg presses. Mike took 270 pounds off the machine (6-45lb weights) to leave me with NOTHING but the mechanics. Who the HELL presses 270 lbs? The mechanics felt like 100 pounds- add that to the weights. Geez. Anyway, I did three sets of 12 then fell out of the machine.

Three sets of 12 leg extensions next while he told me about his son trying out for the Milwaukee Brewers. He was eliminated in the 4th round…

Upstairs to chest presses. Three sets of 10 chest presses at 50 lbs. He decreased the weight after I struggled to get the first 10 out.

Next was this little machine right by the office. Stand and press down on the weights, then sit (the seat is slightly tilted forward.) Tricep presses for three sets of 10. After he adjusted my seat (he has to adjust everything because I’m so tall) it was alot harder because I was getting the full range of motion. Now I have spaghetti arms.

Into the free weights area where we used a 6lb. medicine ball for 2 reps of 12 Ab crunches handing the ball off, then crunching without it. Then I near collapse when we do alternating twisting then handing off to Mike while he stands on my feet. I can only do 10 before I sink back and don’t get up.

We’re done. Everyone knows it. I don’t even finish off on the bike.

So because of that, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow morning and work out without him.

Monday Tidbits

A very exciting recap of my weekend….

1. Watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I forgot how much I loved this movie and how much I liked John Cameron Mitchell’s voice. I looked him up on IMDB and he was born on my birthday. Year AND day.

2. Zombiegirl’s team lost to Auburndale 5-2. The other team was really good. Quote during the game- Stan G (Hale’s Grandpa) asked if the other team were all going back to home to Nicaragua after the game. Bad grandpa.

3. Z-girl has a better social life than me. AND her sisters. This kid averages two birthday parties a weekend lately. And I’m really proud of her- they are all different circles of friends. She’s not confining herself (like her older sister(s)) to one or two friends. Very few of her friends bisect her circles, either. And I’m going broke buying birthday gifts.

4. Reading Dan Brown is like getting a history lesson in under five minutes.

5. I’m slowly getting rid of the crap in my life. To clarify, it’s getting harder to find stuff to sell at yard sales. This very well may be my last one. If only it doesn’t rain, again.

6. I have way too many crafts started and not enough finished. I booked three craft sales before Christmas, so I have to get a move on.

7. September flew by WAAY too fast. But I’m looking forward to all the things I have to do in October.

8. Mr. and I were talking about Anna Farris last night while watching Family Guy. House Bunny is on tonight. Synchronicity?

9. I need to see Dr. Heredia more often. My migraines are back with a vengance.

10. I now know why my mom’s hand were so soft all the time. Frosting made of shortening will make your hands soft and smooth. My cake decorating exploits will be chronicled here shortly.

11. I wish my life would Flashforward six months. Will I be watching Flashforward?

12. It’s very hard for someone to say no to 12 girls in soccer uniforms. The guy in the yoga place is a hard-hearted man. A yoga gift certificate would have been wonderful for our raffle basket. His loss. Thanks to the Barber shop, The Witches Brew, Phoenix Chiropractic, Aroma Nails, Gina at Mandee, GNC, Beena, Dad and Rob for their donations to our baskets.

Another exciting weekend. A little cleaning, a little laundry, a little soccer, a little cake. A few crafts and some TV.

And…I want cerviche.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

This bugs the crap out of me.

To recap: four men were arrested and one man was sought after a freshman at Hofstra University claimed she was gang-raped on a Sunday night. Supposedly she was lured away from a party, tied up and repeatedly raped by the five men in a bathroom on the men’s floor of the dorm.

The men were arrested, their names and faces were in the newspapers, some were fired from their jobs and their families received hate mail.

Good, you may say. They deserved it! They’re rapists!

But the weren’t. The woman recanted her story, admitted she had group sex with these men and was not tied up. It was consensual. They were released.

This woman (girl) is a Freshman. This is the third week of college.

I understand the fear and uncertainty starting a new school. I didn’t dorm while I was at college (although I should have) so I won’t pretend I understand how scared a student may be living with strangers, in a strange town. I give my “adopted” kid, Katie, a LOT of credit moving to another state and living away from home. But I’ve gone to school on my own- meeting new people, new classes, getting lost in a huge environment where I felt very small, very young. I didn’t have my parents to help me get situated. They never experienced college, so at the time, I didn’t rely on them for any help. And I made mistakes as a Freshman. I admit it. I’m sure we all have. We were young and inexperienced at life, so it was bound to happen.


Did I have group sex three weeks into the semester with men I didn’t know? No.

Did I accuse anyone wrongfully, thus ruining lives in my wake? No.

What on earth was this girl thinking? What were these boys thinking? All five of you having sex with one girl? Is this okay? Where were you raised?

I am not a prude. I know sexual things go on in this world that would shock any rational thinking person. I know people have sex. I even know people have group sex. I know teenagers have sex. I know college life, to some, is one big party. But I want to find this girl, and shake some sense into her. You’re a Freshman, I want to tell her. Your job is to go to class and learn- not to spread your legs for the whole men’s dorm! If you want to fit in- join a club! Try a sport! Group sex is not on the curriculum! I would tell her it’s okay to be scared and unsure. Sleeping around though is not going to make you popular or help you make new friends.

So, okay. You did have sex with these men. Why on earth would you accuse them? What is going on in your head to point a finger at innocent people and torture them with jail time?

This is one messed up girl. And she is not going to be charged- she cut a deal with the DA. I only hope that deal includes major therapy for this troubled teenager.

These are our leaders of tomorrow. Our future Master’s of the Universe.

The universe has become a very bleak place.

Happy Herbivore Day to Me!

Today is my one year anniversary being a vegetarian. It was a year ago today that I read the book “Skinny Bitch” and it changed my life.

I have had missteps, I’ll admit. I calculated that I have eaten meat approximately 20 times in the last year. Beena will say this doesn’t make me a vegetarian. I say it’s a moment of weakness. Bacon is my downfall. It’s a curse. A millstone around my neck and the only thing I truly miss.

So where am I now? I haven’t lost ANY weight, but I feel better internally than I have EVER felt in my life. I eat different vegetable (most of them green) and have an ongoing respect for soybeans. If I ever have a few bucks in my pocket, I’ll invest in soybeans. Not porkbellies. Why would one even think to invest in porkbellies? I’ll have to Google that…

Anyway, I like me a good salad almost as much as you would like a steak.

I now appreciate freshness in my food. Nothing tastes better than fresh, local produce!

I am still falling back on premade veggie burgers, but not nearly as much as I did.

Thank God for Chipotle. And cilantro.

Will I continue on this road paved with spinach and leeks? I think yes. Fall is the best time to be a vegetarian. Pumpkin and squash and apples and root vegetables…to me, that’s comfort food.

Cleaning Out My Favorites

I’ve accumulated a few more websites in my sidebar Favorites that I need to clean out and post here for posterity. If I deem them worthy, I’ll add them to my Links I Love list…

People of Walmart. Yes, they exist. And our future is bright.

The Art of the Takedown. Snarkiness at it’s best.

The Bitch Sessions. More snark. I love snark.

Awkward Family Photos. Oh, be prepared. I have a lot of pictures to send them!

Emails from Crazy People. I think some of the people from Walmart wrote these.

Passive Agressive Notes. More craziness. I think some of these people work in my office.

Tacky Weddings. (There is a definite theme going on here. Crazy people!) No explanation necessary.

100 Days to Christmas. Start planning. Now. Enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Foodgawker. Pretty pictures of food. No crazy people.

Up next- all the videos I have saved in my favorites.

I bet you can’t wait…