Jams, Bags, Poison Ivy and a Winner

There are two half days left of school and I just spent the evening furiously making the teacher gifts Zombiegirl and I had planned.  Have I mentioned Procrastination is my middle name? In good faith, I have all these big ideas, then when it gets down to the finish line, they usually go haywire. 

Not tonight.

Tonight I finished the green tote bag Z-girl asked me to make for her favorite Math teacher, Mrs. K.  And we made four jars of Mulberry-Raspberry Jam with the berries she picked back by the creek behind our house for her homeroom teacher, Mr. B.  I only had to redo about three inches of the bag (usually I pull out an average 12 inches of mistakes on my bags.  You’d think I’d be able to sew these in my sleep…) and if the jam doesn’t set, I’m calling it sauce.  Mulberry sauce.  Goes good on pancakes.  Mmmm.

During the mad dash between the sewing machine and the pot boiling on the stove and trying not to get mulberry juice all over the place, or- Heaven forbid, on the bag- I’m scratching the three little bumps on my arm that have that familiar deep itch about them.

I probably have poison ivy.  MR and I spent two days clearing the jungle we call a beach house and even though I was careful, poison ivy senses when I’m around.  And seeks me out.  And usually finds me.

Don’t scratch.

Work was busy as well, so I didn’t get  around to pulling a name out of a hat, so I’ll do it now. (I have to add my friend Evelyn to the pot two times since she commented on Facebook and reposted it for me.)  I was a little surprised no one else commented- this is a really pretty piece.  A lot of people “liked” it on Facebook, but no comments.  Ah, well.  Better chances for those who did!

Drumroll, please!

See the pencil on top of the jar?  I wrote all the names out with that pencil.  That came from the Queen of France.  She has three princesses and we play tennis.  It’s my serve…

And the jar?  That’s my ORT jar- the place where I stick all the ends of the embroidery thread as I’m working on a piece.  Don’t ask me what ORT means…

Lol!  Anywho…. The winner is SunshineKemp!  Commenter number one! 

Email me with your choice of initial and the last name you want along with your name and mailing address and I’ll start working on your frame!

I love giveaways…and reading comments.  I want to go camping in the Florida Keys and I don’t feel like doing anything…NOTHING at all! (Dang Bruno Mars…)

Oh, yeah, here’s a picture of the bag.  Summery and perfect for a trip to the library!

Thanks to those who played.  If anyone is interested in the Initial Frame, email me for prices.

Got to go scratch now.  ‘Night!


I was planning on telling you all about the Christmas gift MR gave me this past year, but  I’ve had a migraine all day and I just want to go to bed to sleep it off.  My head feels like it’s ready to implode and I need to replace the bag of frozen edamames I’ve been wearing since 8:00 pm because it’s dripping down my face and pooling on the couch.

If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll clean up this post.  Right now I can barely see the screen.

I didn’t make this one, but I can duplicate it with your family initial and last name…the frame might be slightly different but the effect will be the same.

Your choice of initial and last name, about 9 to 11 inches square, glass and vinyl.  This is a great wedding gift, or engagement gift, or just keep it for yourself!

Okay, the rules:  Comment here before Monday, June 20th.  Tell me some of your summer plans.  Make me insanely jealous with the fabulousness of your life.  Post it on Facebook, and that will earn you an extra entry.  Subscribe to the blog and you get another entry.

Comments will be closed at midnight EST Monday and I’ll pick a winner out of a hat (or bag, or mug…whatever I have handy).  I don’t expect as many entries as the SewMamaSew contest, so writing them out will be easy!

I’m off to bed with a bag of corn.   Have fun


I wonder…

  • how a baby slug got into the middle of my New York Magazine and then got squished and then I got slug guts in my hair and didn’t realize it until I was a block away from work.
  • if the hoity-toity people on the Garden City LIRR line noticed the slug guts in my hair.
  • how to disguise a loud snore-snort (just one) that escaped while I was sleeping on the hoity-toity LIRR line?   Cough?  Sneeze?  Fake Tourette’s?
  • why I resisted trying out Firefox on both the work and home PC?  The Bank wasn’t upgrading Internet Explorer, and the home PC was running an older version so I installed Firefox on both and now I’m in heaven.  MR has been working off of Firefox for years and I just didn’t listen to him…
  • if I should go back to using margarine instead of the more natural butter?  Seems even a schmear of butter sets my lower gastrointestinal thingys (guts) into a state of sudden panic.
  • what’s wrong with my new friend?  He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s kind and he doesn’t interject his children’s accomplishments/doings/statuses into every other sentence of our conversation.  He listens to me without that look in his eye waiting for me to finish so he can tell some story about himself.  Our conversations have a great give and take.  He’s completely normal, which means there must be something wrong with him.  Serial killer?  Pedophile?  Terrorist?  We’ll see.
  • what makes soccer parents think their kid is too good for our team?  Are they planning on leaving because of the coaching staff?  Or is it because the coach puts her best friend’s kid on the team and that kid has no soccer ability whatsoever thereby rendering this team less than serious?  If the girls who tried out for another town’s team don’t get picked up and they continue to play with Zombiegirl’s team, will they put 100% into playing?  Should our team continue training and playing with them only to prep them to leave?  An employer wouldn’t put up with that, why should a soccer team?  I’m thoroughly disgusted with this whole soccer environment.  I just want my kid to play serious soccer and enjoy a winning season.
  • why my husband and his friend have been to more hotels/motels together in the last few years than my husband and I in the 14 years we’ve been married?  They’re planning another hunting trip.  I wish he would plan a surprise weekend away, just the two of us.
  • why it’s against my daughters beliefs that the dry dishes should be put away.
  • how many jars of hot sauce I’ll be able to make. Judging from all the little buds on the five different varieties of hot peppers I planted, it looks like a lot.
  • why I can’t watch Netflix at work.  I discovered “Heros”.  This show is awesome and I want to watch an episode or two at lunch, but the work PC won’t let me.
  • if I can learn to live with the pain in my head.
  • why some parents enable their kids faults.  Instead of pushing them  to be better (at sports, at school, at being a good friend) these parents (and grandparents) make every excuse in the book why their kid fails at just about everything.  “As long as they’re having fun” won’t cut it in the real world.
  • why I can’t get that damn Bruno Mars song out of my head.

Giveaway post tonight!  I figured out what I’m giving away!

Transcend the Annoyance, Bask in the Good Stuff

Okay, enough with the pity party.  I’m sure my family will attest that my mood swings are all a part of this journey called MENOPAUSE.  Lovely.  I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better.  In the meantime, I am doing yoga and meditating and trying hard to transcend the annoyances in my life.

Let’s get on with it, girlie.

Yesterday I mentioned one offspring- Kansas- who resumed her blog and started another.  I commend her for sticking to it and getting all her thoughts down (and entertaining me as well).  But there is other news in the household.  I haven’t written about the huge goings on with my other two offspring:

Beena, my little math geek, has earned her Master’s Degree in Education!  She’s completely finished with school and is now a step ahead of all the other would-be teachers out there. We’re so proud of her!  This past semester, she taught 7th and 9th graders mathematics and loved every minute of it.  I’ve never seen a person more suited to a chosen career than Beena.  She’s been wanting to teach since she was three years old and now she’s ready and fully prepared to go out in the world to do so.  She’s also taken her teaching certification test and already interviewed for a full-time position in one of the local schools.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed.  She needs to buy a car and pay off those loans…

Zombiegirl has declared herself  10% less cool than she once was.  I say in 20 months she’ll be 20% more beautiful than she ever was.  The kid is sporting new grills!  We thought she would only need a few brackets to straighten out her lower teeth, but seems the kid has a “deep bite”, meaning her uppers come down almost covering her lowers.  She’s full metal mouth and has two little plastic bars glued to the backs of her front teeth to prevent her upper teeth to meet her lower teeth.  Eventually, they’ll be lowered into the correct position, but for now she can only slightly chew her food.  She worries that she’s been swallowing her dinner whole, but since she’s been living on macaroni and cheese, I don’t think that’s a problem.  Beena offered to chew it for her, but Zombiegirl politely declined by pretending to vomit into her mac and cheese.  She didn’t take anything for the pain (my little trooper) and is only experiencing slight discomfort.  I experienced deja vu going back to the orthodontist, because of all those years with Beena and her teeny tiny palette.  Z-girl’s mouth isn’t as bad as Beena’s is, however.  With all the new technology, the kid will be smiling perfectly before her 8th grade graduation.

Now with the extra monthly payment for the braces (which equals a small car payment) I’m looking to give up a few “luxuries”.  Since my extreme coupon is saving me money (I don’t have to buy deodorant or hair color for the next two years, yay!) do you think anyone would notice if we don’t eat?

Or live on mac and cheese for the next 20 months?

It IS vegetarian….

A F*CK You Friday post on Tuesday?

Holy Cheesesticks.  I know.  I’ve been slacking.

Red raging thoughts swirl in my head.  I’ve been in such a bad mood lately that even my precious Black Cohash can’t control my rage.  I think I either need Xanax or therapy.  Which is cheaper?

I hate to complain, here on this blog.  I started writing here THREE YEARS AGO to document what the family has been up to and have a place to store the interesting stuff I found on the internet.  I love to write, and I know there are some people out there that actually like to read what I have to say.  But lately, I start post after post and they’re all the same…complaining and bitching and moaning.  Every day has turned into a F*CK You Friday, and that’s not the image I want to project out to the internets.  There is still the stuff I want to document and write about- and it’s all been good- but my mind is weary with the bullshit.  I’m sad, hurt, upset and angry, and it’s hard to get out from under it.

Whatevs.  It’s an MP not a YP (my problem, not your problem).


Did I mention it’s been THREE YEARS since I started this blog?  Three hundred twenty-some-odd posts!  That’s one post approximately every 3.36 days.  That’s not too shabby, am I right?

And since the thing that makes me happy is making stuff to give to people (even though some people TOTALLY don’t appreciate it or forget all that I’ve done for them)  Crap!  Begone, negativity…. I’m going to have another GIVEAWAY. They’re fun and it might cheer me up.

(I know I still owe some people some stuff.  Please hang in there ladies, it’s coming REAL soon.  Promise.)

What am I going to giveaway?  I have a few ideas, but maybe you have some suggestions?  Anything you’ve seen on this blog (or another blog) that you might like? Let me know.

I’ll post Thursday night what the giveaway will be, and then you’ll have all weekend to comment and spread the word.

On another note, one of my offspring is writing again on her blog.  Then, she split her rants and starts another blog.  I borrowed the “Holy Cheesesticks” line from her.  It was a LOL moment…

Read her too.  She’s still riding the bus and is now working in pizza insanity.  Holy cheesesticks.

As for MY insanity, I have to learn not to sweat the stupid stuff and let it roll off my back.  There are inconsiderate, clueless, selfish, hurtful asshats out there that I unavoidably have to come in contact with.  I must learn to deal (or not deal) with them and not to let them bother me.  I have  a lot to think about and therapists to look into.

And coupons to clip.