NaBloPoMo #29- The Yeti is Dead

The joys of having all girls. Hair fights in the mornings, clothes fights in the afternoon, period talk at the dinner table. We’ve experienced it all. Recently we had “the Talk” with Zombiegirl because they were showing a “body” film in school and I wanted her to be prepared. TMI, Mom. That’s what I got when I showed her the “Miracle of Birth” film.

We were on our way to Cheeburger, Cheeburger (review to follow) in Plainview tonight in Dad’s truck. MR was in the front and Beena, Z-girl and I were in the back. The AC was blasting and Z-girl was getting goosebumps. Which caused the hair on her legs to stand straight up! Beena and I were amazed at how much hair she had- she was furry! Okay, she’s got a great tan and blondish hair but alot of it. When she put her legs into the front seat to show MR, he called her a Wookie. I’ve had this discussion with some of the other moms (seems this generation is unnaturally hairy) and we’ve all agreed that it’s to early for them to shave. But Beena suggested using Nair on the little Yeti.

I am thankful that Zombiegirl is growing up with an older sister. When I piss her off, and I know I will, it’s good to know she can go to her sister, who has a good head on her shoulders. She’ll confide more in Beena than with me, and I’m surprisingly okay with that. I don’t have a sibling anymore to share my pains and joys so I’m glad the girls have each other. And getting rid of unwanted hair might be a little cooler if she takes it off with her sister instead of her mom. As long as she runs downstairs with a big grin on her face and rubs her legs against mine to show how smooth they are. As long as she still wants to snuggle on the couch- just a little while longer.


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