NaBloPoMo #19- I Have Moments.

In case you haven’t realized, I’m a crabby person. I complain constantly. I gripe, moan and bitch. I rarely see the positive and focus way too much on the negative. These are all reasons I started this blog, however. To try to get things out of my head and help me improve myself.

I do have moments of pure joy and happiness. No, really. I do. In fact this past week, I’ve experienced several. Walking in the city (on a Wednesday- Polyester Day- gasp!) after work last week. Instead of going down through Rockefeller Center to the F train, I had to mail a letter, so I exited at the street. I got caught up in a crowd of people (tourists!) who were just walking and laughing. Two of the girls were in totally wacky clothes. I was in the middle of this crowd and my heart swelled. I was like the Grinch, holding up all those presents, when his heart grew three times larger. I laughed to myself, walked another block with these people, and went underground. I was in a good mood the rest of the night.

Also last week, walking to the train station, listening to the Allman Brothers singing “Little Martha.” I passed under a tree just as the wind blew and little droplets of rain scattered all around me. Listening to that song (even though it’s a sad song) and experiencing those little raindrops and the wind in the trees gave me goosebumps. And my heart swelled again.

Sitting around a campfire, having kids jump at the chance to burn marshmallows for your s’more and talking with good friends is a definite good moment. Having all those people waiting and trying to help you down the hiking hill because you lost your balance, grabbed a tree and stepped on a loose stone and was laughing so hard you couldn’t move was a definite good moment. Having your mom friends stick by you while you were choking (okay- that wasn’t a good time) and then have the little ones come up to you to check to see if you were okay was a definite good moment. Eating awesome food cooked over an open fire on your new camp plate and the Drink of the Day refilled for you several times without even asking was a good moment. And every time I had a good moment, I thanked God for them. They’re precious- they don’t come along often. But when they do, I totally appreciate them.

Sorry if this post seems a little off. I don’t think I did my moments justice. I’m still really tired- Zombiegirl is sick and I”m not feeling too hot myself. Give me awhile. I’ll go back over it and try to clean it up.


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