Dreamscape #4

I quietly leave my house [the house I grew up in] in the middle of the night and walk down the block to the Corrado’s house [they live no where near my old house. The house they “lived” in was actually my old neighbor’s house- at least from the outside.] I let myself in since they never lock their doors and walk softly up the winding stairs to the parent’s bedroom. I comment to myself that their carpet is a hideous pink color then enter the room. I stand over them while they sleep, both boys sprawled across them as they lay under the covers. I stay a few minutes, then quickly walk back downstairs, marvelling that anyone who would cover over baseboard heating with carpet was an idiot. I walk back home and wake up my kids.

They pester me to skateboard and roller skate, so in the dark I sit on the grass and watch them zoom up and down the street. After a few minutes, I told them it was time to go. They throw the skateboard and roller skates onto the stoop and we walk down the block to the Corrado’s house again.

We let ourselves in and walk quietly (as quietly as kids can walk) up the stairs, back into the pink room. We stand over them as they sleep, then Zombiegirls whispers (as quietly as kids can whisper) “aww, they look so cute!”, at which time the eldest Corrado boy stirs and wakes up. “What are you doing here?” he asks, at which time his mother stirs and his father wakes up. We scoop up the sleepy child and we all run down the stairs (which have miraculously transformed into beautiful light oak stairs with black wrought iron railings with small green ivy trailing down into the stairwell.) We run out the front door and down the block back toward home and deposit the child on the next-door neighbor’s lawn. He crawls under the pine tree, sticks his finger in his mouth (he’s 7…) and goes back to sleep. My kids grab their gear and start rolling up and down the street again, while we anxiously await his parents to come look for him.

They don’t.

We go inside and leave him under the tree to live.


Dreamscape #3

La nuit dernière j’ai fait un rêve. Une voix dans ma tête, me disait d’apprendre le français. Je n’arrêtais pas de demander la voix “Pourquoi?” et il n’arrêtait pas de dire de ne pas s’inquiéter, juste apprendre à parler français. Obtenez les bandes pierre de Rosette et d’apprendre à parler français.

Puis, mon corps se mit à sonner dans les et dites-moi j’ai besoin de boire plus d’eau. Utilisez la bouteille Earthlust acier inoxydable et de boire de l’eau toute la journée.

Je me suis réveillé très soif et essayer de conjuguer les verbes en français.

Sometimes I scare myself.

Dreamscape #2

It may have been the fall off the stairs and the bruised foot and toes I suffered, but last night’s dream was very strange. I’m sure I didn’t hit my head…

The emergency warning alarm pierced the air and blared every five seconds. My mother (deceased) came onto the porch (house I grew up in) and asked me if I knew what the emergency was. No sooner did she ask that question when emergency vehicles driving up and down the street blared out of their bullhorns “Everyone is required to evacuate the neighborhood. Proceed in an orderly manner to the designated safe area. We are anticipating heavy electrical storms and rogue lightning. Pets are welcome. Please do not bring excessive personal belongings.” This message repeated over and over until Nana (also deceased) came out to the porch also inquiring what was going on. (She was deaf in real life.) We got Zombiegirl (much younger) into a stroller and leashed Lola and Spencer and stepped out of the house into a beautiful day. The sun was shining on the bay across the street- it was a really pretty day. But quiet- no birds chirping, no kids playing- just the sound of the warning alarm and the emergency message blaring from the trucks. I looked to the sky toward the city and the biggest, blackest rain cloud I ever saw was looming about 10 miles away. It was somewhere over north Queens and heading our way.

We walked up the street toward this ominous cloud since that’s where the safe house was- a huge catering hall over the county line in Brooklyn. We walked for about an hour, Mom, Nana Ethel, Z-girl and the two dogs, along with everyone else in Howard Beach. It was calm, though- we all were chatting as if it were a block party or something.

As we approached the catering hall, all hell broke loose. The cloud hung over the neighborhood as small lightning bolts crashed behind us. We ran for the doors and just got inside when a bolt of lightning hit the street where we were standing and disintegrated it. All the power went off in the catering hall, as well as the rest of the city.

Emergency power brought lights on in the cavernous hall where circular tables were set up and people were camped out around the tables. I found a few spots at a table that included three of my high school friends (found on Facebook) and my husband. I sat next to him, he kissed my cheek and gave Z-girl a hug. We all sat quietly listening to the sound of what might have been hail on the roof of the hall.

The doors then crashed open and my old friend and Maid of Honor for both my weddings came in dressed in a theatrical gown and hat. She made her way to our table while people scrambled to shut the door to the mayhem outside. She stopped to give air kisses to my three friends, then stood behind me. I looked up and backwards at her- her face was grotesque upside-down- and she asked me if I noticed her implants, and did I want to feel how real they were. (There was never anything sexual between us…we were best friends.) My husband volunteered, and they went off to a dark corner. I looked at my Mom, and she gave me a wry smile. I got up angry and went to the front doors of the catering hall and peeked out. There was nothing but blue skies. Literally. Everything had been destroyed and what took the place of the rain cloud was a gigantic space ship (one that I’ve had recurring nightmares about before.) I screamed and…woke up.

It was good to see Mom and Nana again.

NaBloPoMo #24- Dreamscape 1

This segment brought to you by Mamasoo’s wacky subconscience…

As he leaned over her sleeping body, her eyes snapped open and all she could see were his gleaming fangs. She twisted her head to the left, to see if her husband was awake and if he was, did he see what she was seeing? The intense pain she experienced when she turned snapped her head back- face to face with the vampire. She cried out- not because she was afraid, because she was strangely calm, but because her neck hurt so much. Did he already bite me, she thought? “No,” he said aloud, “I didn’t. Yet.” Now she felt a small trickle of fear creep down her spine. Where was her husband? She moved her hand over the quilt to where her husband should be. There was the remote for the TV, but no husband. “He’s not here,” the vampire whispered in her ear. “There’s no one here but you and me.” She tried again to turn her head to the left, but again met with intense pain. She whimpered and the vampire, in reply to her murmur, brushed his fangs against the tight knot in her neck. “You have a pinched nerve, my love.” He placed the points of his fangs against the pain. “Here, let me relieve you of the agony.” As he shifted on the bed to place her in the most tender of embraces, she rolled to the left, ignoring the searing pain in her neck. The vampire fell on the empty spot and cried out in frustration. With a speed that defied nature, he was on her from behind, holding her head at an angle that would allow him access to the tight cable in her neck, as well as her vein. With a moan, he sank his fangs deep into the ache in her neck. She screamed, first her husband’s name, then the name of the vampire, before she lost consciousness.

Deep in the comforting blackness, she heard the insects. They grew louder and louder until she rushed to the surface of the abyss and realized it was her alarm clock. It was 5:00. Time to get up.

A pinched nerve, True Blood and too many vampire books have invaded my dreams. Thanks, SS23, for starting the Dreamscape series.