The Countdown Continues…

The recollection of hemorrhaging money when Beena and Utah were Seniors in high school is dim.  I remember spending what I thought was a lot on Beena’s prom dress and throwing them both parties for Graduation.  What I don’t remember is the constant begging for money/food/help from the Senior class moms and advisors and the kid herself.

Maybe because Beena worked since she was 14 and paid for some of the minor stuff that came up?  Idk. Idr.

Tonight is the last concert my child will ever participate in.  I woke up this morning a little sad that she won’t be continuing on playing the flute. ( If she did find that she wanted to play in college and beyond, we would have to buy her a new one because she lost MR’s flute a couple of years ago.  No one ever turned it in.  We’re still pissed about this…)  The sadness last a few fleeting moments, however, when I realized we’re going to have to sit through another two plus hours of mediocre music and enthusiastic backpatting.  I keep saying, “It’s the last one, it’s the last one…”

I don’t remember the older girls having a Senior breakfast and a Senior BBQ, either.  I was more involved in church activities at that point than I was in school activities.  Beware, new moms- once you get your name on an email list, you’re on it forever.  And since I’m not the type to turn down a request and simply ignore the email, I get roped into all kinds of $tuff.  Put a smile on my face and complain here, I guess, as I slice 10 dozen bagels and put together two trays of Caesar salad.  I hope my kid someday appreciates it and realizes I’m not the asshole parent who ignores the call to help.

And…speaking of assholes…

The other day I composed a Facebook post full of foul four-letter words and many exclamation marks.  To say that I was pissed off and hurting for my daughter would have sugar-coated it.  Let me tell you a story;

My normally popular and outgoing daughter has been withdrawn, cranky and upset for a year and a half.  Approximately the entire time she’s been dating her boyfriend.  She’s great when she’s with him, and she has some shiny moments but mostly she’s down and a little depressed.  Why? Because of the psycho her boyfriend used to date.  This girl, who’s a year younger than Zombiegirl, has been making my kid’s life hell.  I recognize that if she stepped away from social media, it would help, but some of the cattiness happens in school.  When my daughter says that the whole Junior class and half the Senior class hates her, my heart breaks.  I’ve seen the crap that’s tweeted and sub-tweeted and the text messages and snapchats and yes, it’s cruel.  It’s bullying.   She should close social media- she feeds into it when she (and the boyfriend) acknowledges it.  I don’t want to say she’s asking for it when she reads some of the stuff that’s written, but she needs to step away.  But she won’t.  That’s how they connect these days.

This twat, though- I want to call her parents and ask what the hell is going through their daughter’s head.  The Senior girls have a group chat where they post the prom dresses they’ve bought.  I love looking through and seeing all the little girls I used to know all grown up in their beautiful gowns.  The point of this group chat (and I think it’s brilliant) is so that no one duplicates a dress.  First come, first serve.  No one wants to spend a few hundred dollars on their special dream dress and run into it on someone else in the bathroom.

Can you see what’s coming?

Zombiegirl went to prom with her boyfriend last year- it was his prom, so she chose a very understated but elegant dress.  She respected the senior girls (she was a Junior) and scrolled through that group chat to make sure she didn’t buy a duplicate dress.  She saw plenty of elaborate dresses that she would have loved to buy, but in her words, it wasn’t her prom so she didn’t want to shine.

I love this kid.

She shone anyway, she was so beautiful.  They looked great together.

IMG_2808Unfortunately, other people don’t think like my beautiful daughter.

The twat was asked to prom by one of Z-girl’s former friends (turned by the twat) and her prom dress went up on the group chat.

It was Zombiegirl’s dress (posted months ago) in a different color.  Red.  The same color I saw when my daughter comes sobbing into the house after work and after finding out she bought the same dress.

What. The. Everloving. F*ck.  I want to rip this twat’s head off for hurting my daughter.  Tiger mom’s claws came out.  Thankfully, the claws came out on a few of Z-girl’s friends and they jumped all over her.  What I didn’t understand was some of the Senior girls defending the twat’s decision.  I’d like to know how they’d feel if someone duplicated their dress.  That’s when I wrote my inflammatory Facebook post.  And then took a breath and deleted it.  We were on our way to a soccer game and I didn’t want to get too pissy.  It felt better after I wrote it and Z-girl scored the only two goals of the game, so she also felt better getting the aggression out on the field.

The twat stated she would wear her Sweet Sixteen dress and return the other one.  I will cross my fingers she holds true to her word.  This bitch is slick though.  She accepted a prom invitation last year from Zombiegirl’s ex-boyfriend.  She’s a calculating 16-year old, and she knows how to press my daughter’s buttons.  When I asked Boyfriend why he broke up with her, he said she was psycho- controlling, clingy, manipulative.

You can tell your kids to ignore the “haters”, but they can’t.  It’s too hard for them.  So I tell my kid every day how many days left until freedom.  33.