Shopping Lists

Over the years, I have bookmarked websites where I can buy “the Perfect Gift”. I just can’t figure out who to buy these perfect gifts for! No, really- they’re great websites if you need a unique gift or that somethin’ somethin’ you can’t find in the stores. Now they’re off My Favorites and listed here for eternity!

  • Aloha Orchid Nursery– I have purchased Orchids here before for Mom. They are beautiful, and have a great selection.
  • The Perpetual Kid– Entertain your inner child. I especially like the WineLines, and the Demeter Fragrances
  • I Want One of Those– stuff you don’t need…but you really, really want!
  • Offensive + Delightful greeting cards. If only I had the nerve to send some of these!
  • I want to buy these Full Bloom Teas for SOMEBODY! I want to see how they work. But you’d also have to have the clear teapot to really appreciate them.
  • My charm bracelet was stolen when we were robbed. I would love to start a new one with these cute charms from Charm Factory.
  • Mrs. Prindables Handmade Confections. One apple feeds 8-10? They look as good as they probable taste!
  • Cheap stuff for your pets at Pet Edge. I think there is a minimum on the orders, though.
  • Boca Java Coffee club. They have Maple Bacon coffee. Need I say more?
  • Soaps Gone Buy. Okay, why do I have a vintage Soap website on my blog? Well, I do use 20 Mule Team Borax in my laundry, but mainly I order Fels Naptha soap. Yes, brown soap. It’s the only thing that cuts the oil of Poison Ivy.
  • Fetpak has great jewelry displays, boxes and bags. I’ve ordered a few of their displays for Husband to show off his metal detector findings.
  • Paula, my sister-in-law, gave everyone these beautiful photo holders for Mother’s Day. Shomee even wraps them in beautiful boxes, bags and tissue paper!

I have a few more I have to add- I’ll edit this post tonight. Who needs Target?