The Yellow Goat I Ate

My Favorites are getting full again, so I’m cleaning out. Here are some of our favorite videos:

Of course, anything animated by MR and Jim is a fave…

Another one by MR and Jim…

Queen and little water guys rock!

Another one from Evian…

Our house LOVES Parry Grip…

An oldie but annoying video…

(Love those badgers….0

I love the video itself, too, not just the “translation!”

Another “translation” – Zombiegirl will be sitting on the couch and suddenly blurt out some of the lyrics to this video. Totally random.


And we quote from this one ALOT.

The Almighty Google

I hate large corporations. Even though I work for one, I’m compartmentalized, so sometimes I forget that my company is huge.

I’m a fan of the little guy.

The Mom and Pop shops.

The underdog.

When a company or a TV celebrity gets too big, I lose interest. I loved Rachel Ray when she was a chubster doing the 30 Minute Meals or $40 a Day shows on the Food Network. When she started adding more shows then ultimately her own talk-show, I stopped being a fan. Even when we went to see a taping of her show (and our friend Amanda starred in a segment) I wasn’t thrilled. Even less so since I saw how fake and phony and planned everything is. Not to mention Rachel’s not-so-warm personality. I felt she really jumped the shark when they started selling her “garbage bowl” on the Food Network.

Once you develop your own “brand”, it’s over for me.

Ree Drummond, of fame, is another example of my interest waning really quickly. I followed her blog daily, and even turned my friends on to her site. But again, she grew too big for MY britches. She’s got a gazillion fierce lemmings followers and she’s put out a cookbook, and I foresee a TV show in the making (based on her appearance on Bonnie Hunt recently, I hope not. She doesn’t have the personality.) There are other reasons why I fell out of like with Ree, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. When you’re married to the richest cattle rancher in your state, you have the disposable income to do basically whatever you want. And she’s doing just that- she’s buying herself a “brand.”

I try to patronize smaller neighborhood stores and restaurants whenever I can. I’d rather go to my local Indian restaurant where the owner knows us than to a TGIFriday’s or Chili’s. I’d rather go to the Pioneer Food Mart than to Stop & Shop. S&S is huge, and I get tired walking the store. They have things the Pioneer doesn’t carry (soy products and organics) but to run into a store for milk and bread? I pick the Pioneer. I hate the fact that I hold my mortgage with the third biggest bank in the U.S. I would much rather bank with a smaller bank, but hey, I got a lower rate with the big company. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I make two exceptions. One, a series of books that have risen to astronomical proportions and two, an internet search engine. I speak of Harry Potter and Google.

My mom bought my oldest kids the first Harry Potter books when they first came out. She knew they were readers so when she saw the book in Costco, she picked up one for each of them. Little did anyone know six months later Harry Potter would be a household name and cultural phenomenon. Six books and six movies later I still love everything Harry Potter. I don’t begrudge J.K. Rowling her fame and fortune because she DIDN’T SELL OUT. She kept true to her promise of seven years at Hogwart’s, loves her readers as much as they love her, and didn’t forsake the writing for profit. I love HP so much, I’ve consented to have a Hogwart’s birthday party for Zombiegirl in March.

The other exception is Google. For me, Google is not only a search engine- it’s a lifeline to information. I must use Google at least 30 times a day to search for pictures, blogs, items to buy or just info. Google is also my blog engine and my email platform. Google’s Youtube is where I watch funny videos or full length movies. Google Earth lets me spy on my boss and my neighbors. Google Calendar helps me keep track of birthdays and scheduling things like cleaning, meal plans and soccer games. I store recipes I find in my travels online in folders I create in Gmail. Vegetables, Meat, Cookies, Desserts, Sides…every recipe that I can email gets sent to my Gmail account for filing into a folder. It’s a good day when I log onto Google and I see the logo has a new design commemorating that day. Plus you can get great skins for your iGoogle homepage- right now I have a Dale Chihuly skin right above my horoscope, Gmail, weather, Calendar and Quote of the Day boxes.

Google is huge, and I love it. And it was started by two grad students in a garage.

Google also gives back to the community and the world. And yet another reason to love them.

And then there’s this. I. Want. Now.

So those of you who comment anonymously on my blog- go get a Gmail account. I want to know who you are!

This blog was not endorsed in anyway by Google or their subsidiaries. The author of this blog happens to be a Google fan and would tout Google’s awesomeness to anyone who’ll listen…

Cleaning Out My Favorites

I’ve accumulated a few more websites in my sidebar Favorites that I need to clean out and post here for posterity. If I deem them worthy, I’ll add them to my Links I Love list…

People of Walmart. Yes, they exist. And our future is bright.

The Art of the Takedown. Snarkiness at it’s best.

The Bitch Sessions. More snark. I love snark.

Awkward Family Photos. Oh, be prepared. I have a lot of pictures to send them!

Emails from Crazy People. I think some of the people from Walmart wrote these.

Passive Agressive Notes. More craziness. I think some of these people work in my office.

Tacky Weddings. (There is a definite theme going on here. Crazy people!) No explanation necessary.

100 Days to Christmas. Start planning. Now. Enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Foodgawker. Pretty pictures of food. No crazy people.

Up next- all the videos I have saved in my favorites.

I bet you can’t wait…

NaBloPoMo #23- Take a Vacation

These past few days I don’t feel like my writing’s been right (or write). My head’s been spinning- from sickness, stress, etc. I can’t concentrate and I feel that’s coming out in my blog. So here, take a little vacation from my blithering idiocy and take a look at what cheers me up courtesy of I Can Has Cheezeburger:

And don’t say you don’t get it. They’re funny. Do you have a favorite LoLCat?

Fake Girlfriends, or How I Stalk Mommy Bloggers

Oh, I’m so sad! I just finished reading, from start to finish, one of my new favorite bloggers. Since I’ve given up The Pioneer Woman, (cuz she just don’t “Keep it Real”) I’ve had a void in my life. Sure, I have my other blogs- my crafty blogs, my snarky blogs and my funny blogs, but I need that perfect blog where I can spy on someone else’s life, learn stuff about them and pretend to be their friend.

If my REAL friends would blog more often, I wouldn’t need to stalk someone else.

And remember? My perfect night out is driving around drinking wine and looking in peoples windows…

So in my internet travels, I’ve found two blogs from two very funny ladies who just crack my shit up.

Barefoot Foodie, or Brittany, is a new mom who curses endlessly, picks on her own weight, but loves her husband and children unconditionally. She doesn’t exploit her kids- in fact very few posts are ABOUT her kids. She writes about her pregnancy (she’s very fertile,) her hunger (she’s always hungry,) and how much she sweats (alot.) Read her. I swear you’ll laugh out loud.

The Bloggess, or Jenny, is a super-blogger who writes for the Houston Chronicle, has a satirical Sex Column, an advice column and still finds time to blog. I haven’t read her whole blog, or her Sex Column- it’s blocked at work- but I’m working on it. Anyone who blogs that she got a cougar skull with candy cane antlers for Christmas from her father– I want to know! So I guess when things quiet down at work, Ill start reading the Blogress from the beginning!

Good work, Brit and Jen! May I call you Brit and Jen? I should- I’m your new best friend!

Stuff and Junk…

Miscellaneous crap I need to get off my Favorites list so I can start blogging for real! Uncategorized links that I need, but don’t know where to file them under.

Need help with a Jumble or a crossword puzzle? Use the Scrambled Word/Crossword Puzzle Solver over at the University of Akron.

When I need to tune out my co-workers (and you know who you are), I either plug in Pandora, or turn on the 24/7 online radio station Classical Music Broadcast.

I’ve seen maybe two celebrities on the street in all the years I’ve been working in NYC. So to get my virtual thrill, here is Gawker Stalker.

Housing Works Thrift Shop has some great finds. And it benefits people living with HIV/AIDS.

I signed up to be an agent for Improv Everywhere. They stage some of the best mass pranks in NYC!

Stefan Bucher draws a Monster every day. Love his technique! And, if you’re inspired, add a story about that monster!

Peculiar People on The Human Marvels. Past and present human oddities. Why, you ask, did I bookmark this site?!?

Big Huge Labs lets you do fun stuff with Flickr photos.

Print Mini Printables. My dollhouse definitely needs a miniature NY Times!

I don’t know what one would do with this, but type in your name and it comes up with anagrams. Totally silly. Internet Anagram Server.

I love the GeoGreeting. I wish you can post the final picture as a Jpeg, though. It would be cool to post on a blog or on Facebook.

Need to say something in Russian? Try Free translation. English to almost all the other big languages.

Need something done? Try doing it yourself with Instructables. Especially good around Halloween.

I’ve had this link in my favorites since it happened. It’s time to get rid of it.

Soon. Very soon. Vacation homes in the Caribbean.

If only I had the nerve to send these to some of the people in my life. They’re totally rude, but totally truthful! Some E-cards. This one goes out to a former crazy co-worker of mine.

So I’ve accomplished something today. I cleaned out more of my Favorite links! You really have no idea how many links I’ve saved. Stay tuned for the “stuff to buy” links coming soon!

Cleaning House- Craft Sites

I’m back to work and cleaning out “My Favorites”- all the websites I find while lurking around waiting for my Archibus to run it’s routines. I missed all my links while I was “unemployed,” so I’m putting them here so I’ll have them forever and ever.

I’ve found something worthwhile and inspirational on each of these sites. Will I ever use any of these talented people’s creative ideas? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’ll have them at my fingertips whenever I have spare time to do a new project. Bwah-ha-ha!

A Little Hut is a master of paper cutting. Her tutorials are great. I especially love the boxes.

Being Crafty has links for making your own envelopes, which I love doing with old calendars and such.

I don’t know how I came across this site, but the tutorial for making a hardcover book is awesome.

Confessions of a Craft Addict is chock full of ideas. I can’t even list all the projects this one has!

Craft Stylish is an online magazine for sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting and more. Hit the “Discover” tab to find the categories.

Handmade by Alissa is the quilting queen bee. She also has a lot of sewing projects.

I love Heart of Mary. I used this tutorial to make my neice, Eliza, a messenger bag for Christmas. I’ll also make Zombiegirl a messenger bag to go into 5th grade with next September.

I love this bag. Someday I will make myself one. She also has my phone.

This year I’m making ALL my Christmas cards. Hopefully. This will be one of them.

Mirkwood Designs has tons of templates for envelopes, take out boxes and woven hearts.

Moda Bake Shop is so clever. It’s a division of Moda Fabrics (which I love, and don’t have) and they package their fabrics so you can tell what each “recipe” project needs. And they’re coordinated.

Oh, Fransson! is another quilting queen. She’s got beautiful tutorials.

More box templates.

I love the idea of this perpetual photo wall calendar.

Plum Pudding keeps popping up with all her good ideas on some of the other blogs I frequent.

RosieMoomBeams has great trash-to-treasure projects.

The Purl Bee has tons of tutorials, but I learned how to use my rotary cutter with this tutorial.

Schlosser Designs also has great tutorials- I especially like this pizza box.

A Mingled Yarn has a wonderful Diaper Bag that could double as a messenger bag. I’m going to make a diaper bags for the craft fair- these will be the guide. Also some great tutorial links.

I love YoYo Angels.

The Ultimate Purse List on Craftster!

More templates for cards or scrapbooking.

Cute, free graphics for stationary by Graphic Garden.

Close to My Heart Scrapbooking. Is Ami still consulting?

Okay. The links are safe, now. Let them lay me off again. I’m prepared.