Cast of Characters:

Me: Wife, Mom, Grandma, Chicken Mama, Architect, Procrastinator, Aunt Soo, Lapsed Vegetarian, Goddess of all She Surveys.

MR: Husband, Dad, Archi-Animator, Chauffer, Coach, Doorman to the Dog.

Beena: Adelphi Alumnus, Grad Student, High School Math Teacher, Disney Princess, Jackson and Elena’s Mommy.

Utah:  Customer Service Rep, Party Animal, Bookworm, Ravenclaw, Baker/Cake Decorator, Degree Holder, Pony.

Zombiegirl: College Kid, Future Nutritionist, Soccer player, Johnny Depp lover, Wannabe Superhero, Piglet, Figleaf.

Jackson: The Cutest Boy in the World.  Grandpa’s Adventure Buddy.  Toast Eater.  Ankle Biter.  Cutie-Patootie. Show Stopper.

Elena: The Cutest Girl in the World.  EI. Dr. Destructo. Kenneth’s GF. Laney Loo. Miss Sassy Pants

Archer: Tan Man, Yellow Fellow, Archibald, Jekyll and Hyde, Sleep Partner, Handsome Boy.

The Chicalettas: The Yellows: Orangina, Omeletta, Grayjoy, Yellow. The Browns: Tina and Louise. Bluey and Green Charlene have gone to chicken Heaven

Lola: Black Dog, Pig Dog, Counter Climber, Squirrel-Hater, Lola-Benola, Couch Sleeper, Zombiegirl’s Bestest Friend, gone to doggie Heaven.

Spencer: Yellow Dog, Porch Dog, Poop Dispenser, Drooler, Big Dog, Shoe-Chewer, Mr. Jowlie, Good Boy- gone to doggie Heaven.

Maggie: Maggie the Cat, Maggie Magee, Fifth Step Cat, The Only Cat I Know With A Licky Spot-gone to kitty heaven.

Katara: Hedgie.  Night Creature.  Poop-boots.  The Smelly Thing.  AKA Guinea Pig. Gone to hedgehog Heaven

What to say about me?

I don’t know…how would I describe myself?  This is kind of why I started my blog- to explore my inner self, my feelings and foibles.

So while I think about what witty thing I’m going to say about me and my family, read this insanity.  And you can contact me at: sue.reichert@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Sue…I should have told you before but when I get the chance I read what you write…I love it..it’s so honest and so you…and you’re so good at it…hope you and your family are well…I’m selling jewelry now…kill me please!!!

    • Marilyn, darling! How are you? I haven’t run into you on 5th Avenue recently! Are you still at Rock Center?

      Thanks for the kind words. I need them at the moment. Mwah!

      Jewelry, huh? More fun than dildos? What kind of jewelry? Send me your website!

      Lunch soon?

  2. Sue~ Thank you SO-O much for the post on your blog!! I appreciate the plug. I love your site,…especially your writing. i feel like I’ve learned more about you from reading your posts than I’ve learned in all the years I’ve known you.

    Please keep writing…you are amazing. Thank you for creating this site and sharing a part of you.

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