Countdown is Over and We’re Free!

I neglected keeping up with the countdown and posting the events of Prom Night.  Thankfully, nothing happened to the kids.  They left early, before dessert, so they could meet his friends out at the beach house.  They said they had a good time, the place was pretty and the food and music were okay.

Thanks goodness.  I got no sleep that night until she texted me that they were at the house.  Phew.

I was privy to a lot of complaints about limos and after-prom parties that my kids were not involved in.  Again, she dodged a bullet.  A few of the moms I connected with a couple of days afterwards were not happy campers.  Zombiegirl didn’t go in with the other girls on the limousine (she took our new toy to the prom.)  It was four and a half miles away- they drove last year, they drove this year.  It was a good thing, too.  I heard the limo driver was an asshat, and some of the moms were too.  I am so glad we’re done with this crap!

Graduation was wonderful.  I was literally giddy thinking that I didn’t have to see the majority of these people ever again.  And neither did my daughter.  She had her “exit buddy” and her “soul mate” and she was happy it was over.  All of my in-laws and nieces and nephew came down to see her and we took tons of pictures and went for Indian food at Santoor, Queens.  Sharing good food with your loved ones (minus John- he watched the babies) and knowing that this phase of our lives is over was marvelous.  Hearing that Z-girl was awarded a scholarship from my brother-in-law’s Masonic Temple made it even sweeter.  Thanks, Uncle Ick!


The next day was spent at the dining room table putting together Zombiegirl’s school scrapbook.  From preschool to high school, I pasted awards, pictures, playbills and report cards.  I sent tons of pictures to be developed so I could include them in her memory book.  This brought tears several times during the day, more so than any other time in the last six months.  She was so cute, so little.  She’s so smart, so grown up, so beautiful.

The dining room table was out of commission for two weeks while I finished up Beena’s and Utah’s scrapbooks as well.  Huge, bulging books full of memories.  In hindsight, I wish I would have been more organized- I’m missing Utah’s first grade class picture and most of Beena’s high school papers.  It was also hard figuring out what went where, that’s why it took me almost two weeks.  Need a tip?  Date everything that comes home (if you’re keeping it) and put your kid in their first day of school outfit for picture day.  And if you have two kids, take a separate picture on the first day of school.  I’ve had to make copies because the two oldest girls were in the pictures together.

I cleaned out two bins and three file folders from my office!  Most of my scrapbooking supplies were also used, so that bin is a lot lighter.  And the dining room table has been reclaimed.  I feel lighter, happier and ready to live again.


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