Pre-Prom and The Countdown Is Almost Complete.

If I make it through this night, it will be a minor miracle.

WHHS Senior Prom is tonight at Jericho Terrace.  Pre-Prom was at Zombiegirl’s best friend’s house (H).  I was on high alert while I snapped pictures and spoke to parents I haven’t seen in ages.  We all marveled how beautiful everyone was and how grown up they are.

As I spoke to these parents I constantly checked over their shoulders to make sure my kid and the boyfriend were okay.  I feel like I missed a lot of what they were saying…

We found out a few days ago that her boyfriend (Ken) was being threatened.  They heard through the grapevine that he was going to be “jumped” at Prom.  Not because he’s a bad kid, or a troublemaker (there are girls in the high school dating MS-13 members- THOSE parents have major problems, if they’re even clued in, which I am sure they’re not), on the contrary, he’s so good to my daughter and he treats her like gold.  The problem is the other boys who have a crush on Z-girl and will do anything (and they’ve proved that they will do anything) to get with her.  And it seems that anything includes beating up her boyfriend.

So what does a parent do in this case?  Did these kids forget Z-girl hunts and is handy with a rifle?  Does MR go sit in the parking lot to make sure our kids are safe?  Do I call the school?

It helps to have friends in the school system.  Just talk to one of them and they’re on the case.  These little hoodlums better watch their asses.  F*CK You, you little cretins.

Add insult to injury, one of H’s friends asked if he could come to Pre-Prom.  Seems they were all on a group chat and only those on the chat were invited.  This guy wasn’t, but he was a good friend of H.  I’ll give you one guess as to who he was taking to Prom.  Yes, the twat. Are you kidding?  This kid has the nerve to ask if he can bring this little troublemaker to my daughter’s best friend’s house?  H is a great kid- she told him to take a hike after he said he wouldn’t speak with her again.  Whatever- tonight, Graduation and she never has to see him again.  I gave her a hug and thanked her for looking out for my kid.  And a big F*CK You to the twat.  I better never find out where you live.

High school is a fucking soap opera.  A damn reality show- a really bad one- because these kids are utterly ridiculous.  I don’t live in the city where all the school kids are street wise, I live in the fucking suburbs.  Middle class all the way.  Yet we have to deal with this stupid gangsta attitude that all the kids appropriate.  As we walked around the backyard, Utah and I marveled at who we could and couldn’t talk to.  The drama and ever changing dynamics of teenagers is a fine line one doesn’t dare cross.

I’ll say it once again.  I’m done.  Three more days and we’re over this shit. I’m going to pour myself a drink and go through the 300 pictures I just took.  I’ll post the good stuff tomorrow.





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