Awards, Dinners and the Countdown Continues…

Last week was the High School Girl’s Athletic Award ceremony at the neighborhood catering hall and last night was the award ceremony for Nassau County Softball Coaches Association award dinner at the Crest Hollow Country Club. It’s the second time this year we’ve accompanied Zombiegirl to the country club for an awards dinner (who said I don’t get out much!?)- the first time was in December when she won the Scholar Athlete award for Varsity soccer and tonight she won All-Conference player for Varsity softball. I’m so proud of my little jock. She certainly doesn’t get her athleticism from me.

I dragged my sorry sick butt out of bed to go to this overpriced dinner to honor all the softball girls in Nassau County.  Only two of the WHHS Varsity girls were chosen for the All-Conference award, Zombiegirl and the pitcher, Dana. It really was a lot of fun watching them play over the years.

Z-girl really excelled at softball.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think it had to do with the coach- her soccer coach was an ass with zero personality and a hard-on (not in the sexual sense) for one of her team mates.  As he felt that girl could do no wrong, he felt the rest of them were beneath her and the favoritism showed.  Moral on the team was dismal and no amount of screaming and yelling from those two could lift it.  I was thrilled when Varsity soccer ended. My daughter was miserable on that team.  Five years with this coach and add insult to injury- he didn’t even acknowledge her Scholar Athlete award in the program.

Pfft.  So over it.

The softball coach was the opposite side of the coin.  He was personable (but not too friendly with the girls) and he was a bit sarcastic.  I know a few girls (and parents) didn’t like him and some even refused to move up to Varsity from JV.  But he knew his stuff, he knew the girls strengths and weaknesses and he knew what they needed to do to get wins.  Zombiegirl, for instance, is not a strong hitter.  But she can bunt and slap like a pro and she’s fast so seven times out of ten she made it to first to drive a run in.  A few of the asshat fathers didn’t comprehend Coach’s logic to signal her to bunt- they only complained repeatedly that she’s doing it again.  I stopped sitting with them because I couldn’t take their incessant complaining and derogatory comments about one of our outfield players.  Lord forbid someone said something about one of their kids. But they’re armchair coaches. One of them is overweight and the other is old- neither is fit enough to coach a team, they can barely walk to the field from their car.

Besides the asshats, I loved watching softball.  I tried to keep score and keep track of the innings, but because most of the games were chilly (something about the WHHS field- it was always beautiful and warm at the house but at the field it was always windy and cold.  And it’s only 1/4 mile away.) so keeping track was tough when you’re wearing gloves (I had an app).  I came prepared with my Lava Buns seat and extra layers and gloves and a hat, sunglasses and Uggs.  I don’t know how the girls kept warm on the bench and in the field.  That was the only thing the kid complained about, because the season started so early, it was cold.

But now we’re done.  She may play club ball in college or with a neighboring town.  Pick up games are a certainty. I may even join her if there are no age restrictions.  Scheduled games though are finished and we just got one step closer to putting an end to the high school experience.  Tick tick tick…




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