The Countdown, Inching Closer

How long does it take to slice 10 dozen bagels, including the time it takes to wash and dry the slice in one’s palm, put a rubber glove on to contain the blood (hey, I watch Chopped) take off the glove because someone eating said bagels may have a latex allergy, wash and dry the wound again and put a fabric (no latex!) bandaid on?

Twenty-eight minutes.

Today is Zombiegirl’s Senior breakfast at school. It’s the day they get their yearbooks and collect witticisms and song quotes from prople they’ve spent the majority of their lives with. They get to roam the halls and ask teachers to write nice things about them and these poor teachers have to remember a kid who was in their class four years prior and come up with something good.

It’s a good day in the life of a high-schooler.

For some reason, the parents are asked (again) to provide food for the Senior Breakfast. Not all the senior parents, just those who managed to get their name on an email list because they helped once before. There are approximately 180 Seniors and approximately 25 names on the list. And if those 25, approximately 1/2 volunteer to bring anything.

Is it any wonder that I’m so done with all this?

Beena’s brother-in-law works at a popular bagel place so I asked if they would donate or give me a discount on bagels.  Three out of four kids that go to our high school go to this bagel place on a regular basis so it didn’t hurt to ask. Joey came back with a great price for bagels (Thanks, Joey!) and since he went through all the trouble of bagging them up and delivering them, I didn’t want to ask him to slice them. He did say he would have if he knew, but I don’t like to take advantage of people doing me favors. 

Thus the cut on my palm.

So it’s June 5th and I have 20 more days and approximately 6 more things to do to get this kid graduated. Twenty-one more days until I call my life my own.


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