The Countdown Has Begun

Tonight is the last time I will have to help at one of my kid’s schools. Ever.  EVER.  It’s the last event before Zombiegirl graduates and I am stoked that the countdown to June 25th has started.  We’re so over high school, this kid and I.  We can’t wait until this shit is over.

I’ve been a school mom for over 25 years.  I’ve served on the PTA, been class parent, fundraiser and chaperone.  I did my fair share as Girl Scout Leader (and GS parent, fundraiser, chaperone and cookie seller) and Sunday School Teacher/Youth Group Leader (and church parent, fundraiser and chaperone).  Sprinkle in soccer mom and dance mom and the resume is complete. I also managed to work a full time job and several part time jobs and ran several business in that time frame.

This is why I’m 80% gray.  This is why I have stress wrinkles.

But now the time I have left to parent this last child is dwindling.  I have this event tonight, then Prom then Graduation. My kid isn’t going away to college so I don’t have any crap to deal with over the summer and we won’t have to worry about plane and train schedules and meal plans .  I have to write a check for tuition and books and boom, my parenting responsibilities are practically over.


I’m taking off the week after graduation and trashing the dining room with unfinished school scrapbooks and unfinished baby albums and tons of soccer pictures.  These will be finished and put away (or given to the proper recipient if they want them.  Probably not, I’m the sentimental one in my family.)  Once these two huge boxes of memories are out of my craft room I feel like I can start finding out what makes Mamasoo happy.  Sewing.  Playing with the grandkids.  Travelling.  Cooking.  Raising chickens.  Beekeeping.  Gardening.  Writing that damn book.  Renovating this damn house.  Finishing every last project I’ve half-assed or never finished because I just didn’t have the time.

June 26th is a day of Liberation.  This will be the day I get off Facebook.  No more fake friends because our kids go to the same school, or play on the same soccer field.   This will be the day we give up cable so we don’t watch the same crap over and over, melting our brains and eating into precious time that may be spent elsewhere.  This is the day I take back my life and allow myself to be a little selfish in my pursuits of happiness.

The countdown has begun.  Sixty days until freedom.

ETA: I was reminded at the event tonight that we still have to sit through the Spring Concert before Prim and Graduation. My gleefulness just fell a few notches… 

ETA again: I have to admit I skipped out on helping. We dropped some things off before the event and I promised to help clean up but by the time I dropped Utah off at her apartment and got back everyone was gone. Although I feel bad about not keeping my promise, I also feel slightly wicked for skipping out. Mommy guilt? Don’t know, don’t care anymore.



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