30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 11

February sucks.

February is freaking cold.

February holds constant reminders of those I’ve lost.

For most of my adult life, I’ve hated February. From the contradiction of the LOVE holiday held in the coldest month of the year to the birthday of the person I miss most in my life, the onset of this month always makes me sad.  Add to that the birthday of the OTHER person I miss most plus the day she died, well, I just want to lay in bed and watch bad movies.  All day, every day.

Thankfully, February is the shortest month.  There is that.

We’ve had three snow storms already this month and along with them, snow migraines. The funny thing about my migraines was the higher the snowfall, the less the migraines hurt.  And the cold, fresh clean air definitely helps relieve the symptoms and pain faster, so there is that.

Since I’m already sad, since I’ve been suffering from migraines the last thing I need to see on social media is everyone on vacation during winter break.  We’re prevented from doing anything on this winter break (Mono, working, new puppy). Beena and family drove down to Hilton Head to visit grandma and Dad and Dorothy drove down to Florida to go to Universal (to see Harry Potter World- yeah, he’s turning 80 this year. :/) I’m happy some of my family is getting out but sad that it’s not me, so I’m allowing myself a little wallowing and I’m using the excuse of the 30-day Simplicity Challenge (and Lent) to turn off my social media.

DAY 11 of 30:

Limit your time on social media.  Unplug.

  • I gave up Facebook for Lent.  This served two purposes- I don’t have to see all the wonderful vacations everyone is having and I’ve freed up precious time not posting and liking and commenting. I still have to check messages since MR is selling his coin rings because he hates Facebook, I have to act as intermediary.
  • I deleted the Snapchat app from my phone.  I downloaded the app because Zombiegirl uses it CONSTANTLY and I discovered the trainwreck from one of my hate-read blogs uses it.  I found that I was always on it refreshing to see if Z-girl or ThatWife (not going to link her- not giving her any clicks) posted anything new. I soon realized that Zombiegirl won’t Snapchat at me (or blocked me- even though she denies it) and ThatWife is just insufferable and unbearable to watch.  Deleting this app also saves me precious time and makes me less inclined to punch someone in the face.
  • I’m still using Instagram, but not scrolling through.  Upload and out.
  • Utah just got a Twitter account, and has been posting, but since she actually LIVES WITH US, I can have a conversation with her and find out what she’s been up to.  No need to check Twitter and I don’t tweet so not hard to give that up either.

I took off today and Friday to take Zombiegirl to a few restaurants we’ve never been to for lunch before I head to hobby job in the evening.  I’m calling it my vacation, m’kay?




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