30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 8

Whoa, sorry, got a little sidetracked there.  Life definitely got in the way these past four days.

I needed a little time away on Friday- it was a grizzly bear of a week and I was feeling sorry for myself that I never get away.  The combination of being blue and having a migraine and having to deal with some stuff then going to the hobby job at night- yeah, it was the perfect mix for a formal day off. But, I have discovered a cure-all for depression and migraines.  SPENDING THE DAY WITH YOUR GRANDSON!

What, you didn’t know I had a grandson?  That’s because I didn’t tell you, at least not on the blog.  If you follow me on Facebook, you certainly know since I post constantly on his cuteness and make his face my profile picture whenever Beena lets me!

Jackson Jon was born July 10th at 3:30pm.  He was 7lbs, 13 oz, 20 inches of adorableness.   He had some problems in the beginning (jaundice, no BF) but he is the type of kid to smile through it all.  Beena and John are great parents and let his grandma (I don’t have an official name yet) take him when she needs her baby fix.

The hobby job called me and informed me I didn’t have to come in because there are too many employee hours and not enough sales.  Okay.  So I got to watch him for a few hours and after he left, I took a long nap.  Not that he is actively walking or talking or anything, I’m just not used to having someone rely on me 100% of the time.  It is so magical being his grandma that even when he sleeps, I don’t put him down.  I can’t help it, he’s my GRANDSON!  Lol!

Saturday saw me in a better mood because we went upstate for a soccer tournament.  Getting out of the house!   Seeing my soccer peeps!  Even though we lost the tourney and Zombiegirl came back bruised, sprained and bleeding it was a good time hanging out and going out to eat with the girls and their parents.

Sunday Zombiegirl and I had all good intentions of giving platelets (me) and blood (her first time) but that went disastrously wrong.  It seems my platelets are low (187) and after donating platelets for years, it was not recommended that I give because apparently, I have enough for myself but not enough to give.  I honestly think they just didn’t want me there for two hours since they were busy.  And the asshat that interviewed Z-girl was just plain rude.  She brought her debit card (with picture) in as ID, but for first time, under-age donors, they wanted something with her birthdate.  This jerk said, “That’s not going to work” and left without another work.  Zombiegirl left with a bad taste for donating and I’m furious that they sent the moron to do the interview on a nervous, somewhat scared kid.

I ended up donating blood, but all day I worried about my platelets being low.  Oh, and the stress of trying to print out Book of Mormon tickets I bought for Utah and KevKev for Christmas (and dealing with three different people on the phone at Ticketmaster) by the time they had to leave- this had me moping around the house all day.

Yesterday was a Work-In-NJ day.  And although the “trash” was taken out and our little CAFM group is happier for it, it still takes a lot out of me to travel there and back and deal with the crap we (I) have to deal with.

So here we are at today, and I’m in a better mood and ready to continue this journey to simplicity…

 DAY 8 of 30:

Find one thing in the house that needs fixing and fix it.

This one thing can be big or little.  For me, it’s the phone holder for the car- I took it out one day and all the springy things popped out and it wouldn’t stay upright.  It’s been sitting on my dresser in pieces and I keep moving it from one place to another.  Before I lose any of the pieces, I’m fixing it and putting it back in the car because I really need to use my phone for GPS and hands-free driving.

Don’t try to rewire the house’s electrical system or replace the washer or dryer.  Find something that has been hanging around and that you can do something about quickly.  Plaster that hole in the wall.  Tighten the leaky faucet.  Glue the sole of your boot so it doesn’t flop around when you walk.  Sew that hole up in the seam of your pants.  Replace that burnt out light bulb.  Take the pants that need hemming to the tailor.  And if you really, really like that broken vase, glue it back together.  If you don’t, then toss it!

(yeah, those are all things I can also do, but I chose the phone holder because seriously, I need that shit to work.)

So to prevent being sidetracked again, I will prepare a few challenges in advance and hopefully we can continue uninterrupted!  Hopefully.


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