30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 7

And on the seventh day, she rested.

If only that could be true.

I need a vacation.  It doesn’t have to be a big one, a little one would do.  Just someplace different, someplace warm, someplace where I don’t have to think or deal with stupid shit.  Someplace I don’t have to clean up and where my dinner is cooked for me.


Since a vacation is nowhere in my immediate future, I’m continuing to try to make our bedroom as much as a retreat as I can, by following the KonMarie method.  So far I’ve done my underwear drawer, my sock drawer (minus all the mismatches in the laundry room), the tank top drawer, my sweatshirt/sweater drawer, the pants shelves and my closet.  All I have left in my dresser is the t-shirt/shirt drawer and I’m done with the insides and all my clothing.  Then i can tackle all the crap accumulated on the dresser itself and my side of the room is serene.

Don’t look at MR’s side of the room.  Eyes over here, please.

Incorporating the Art of Tidying Up into my life got me thinking about my clothing purchases and gained tons of space in my clothing storage areas.  All my drawers are half-full due to the purging of the old and folding of the remaining.  I feel like I have space to breath, at least when I go to put on a pair of panties.  It makes me want to tidy everything all at once, but I know I have to go slow.  It’s the only way not to rebound and get messy again.

One thing I can’t stand to look at anymore is my nail polish box.  Originally it was shoved under my bed, but since I gained a shelf in my dresser (the middle part of the dresser my dad made me opens out to two shelves instead of drawers) I’ve been keeping the box on the bottom shelf.

I  very rarely wear nail polish.  When I’m in a funky mood, I’ll wear a funky color but I haven’t really worn much since before college.  Since I work with large paper prints, I found the nail polish was constantly streaking on anything I worked with so I stopped wearing it for all but special occasions.  So why do I have 42 bottles of nail polish?  Because I have three girls, I inherited a lot from my mom and I never threw anything away.

Not anymore.  It’s time to toss.

DAY 7 of 30:

Go through your nail polish (or eyeshadow or lipstick, etc.) and toss anything you don’t feel strongly about.  If you think that color is just not right, get rid of it.

  • Just how many shades of “nude” does one person need?  I had five.
  • That gross bottle of top coat that cost over $12? Ew, it has to go.
  • I know I’m not savvy enough to know what colors are “in” and what are “so three years ago…” but I am pretty sure I don’t need four frosty lilac colors.
  • The the bottom of the shoe box is full of dog hair.  Wash it out.
  • I have too many bottles of blue nail polish but they’re all different colors and left over from the baby shower favors.  I’ll keep them for now.
  • Don’t force the ones you don’t want on your children.  I’ll ask if anyone wants them and if not, they’re going into the Savers bag.

There, I’m down to 26 bottles.  And 1/3 of the box free to buy one or two colors more if the mood strikes!  Or I could get a prettier box and utilize this box somewhere else.  Maybe.

And that hot orange color? I’m doing my toes right now and then pretending I’m on a beach somewhere.  That’ll be the closest I get to vacay…




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