30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 5

Another day working from home because I live in a one-track town on Long Island.  My town line is the only line left on the LIRR to to have service restored.  Not that I’m complaining too loudly, I like working from home.  More work gets done and I don’t have to get dressed.

I’m sitting on the couch watching The Rainmaker, and looking out the window at all the snow drip from the trees.  It’s around 45 degrees and the Blizzard of 2016 if fast becoming the Flood of 2016.  Hopefully it won’t go down to freezing tonight and ice up the sidewalks and roads.  I’m working the hobby job tonight and I don’t want to have to drive in hazardous conditions.

Before I go to the hobby job tonight, I have to stop at Walgreen’s and pick up some pictures I had printed.  Once I sent the prints yesterday, I deleted them from my phone, all part of yesterday’s Challenge!  While I’m there, I have to pick up a sympathy card and a birthday card, and that’s when I came up with today’s challenge.

Today’s task doesn’t involve decluttering or cleaning, but it will help simplify my life.

DAY 5 of 30:

Buy a three generic birthday cards, one get well card and one sympathy card.

  • Having extra cards on hand will eliminate the need to run out to grab a card.  Or, in my case, not run out and miss the opportunity to send the card in a timely fashion.
  • Sending out cards, especially ones I’ve made, makes me feel good.  Hopefully it makes the recipient feel special.
  • On my list of things I need to improve is to make birthday cards and send them out.  But if I can’t, at least I have some on hand so I don’t feel like a total tool.
  • If I buy one extra card every time, I will have plenty on hand for next year, lol, in theory…

Now, to get stamps.




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