30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 4

As predicted, MR and I are hobbling around like two 90-year old persons.  Our backs are aching, our wrists (and my tennis elbow) are sore and our necks don’t bend.  Where were the young people in our house, you may ask?  Why didn’t they help out with the shoveling?  Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.  Utah did come home after staying with her boyfriend all weekend to shovel out her car (the one on the lawn) but Zombiegirl made a token effort to help the ladies next door and then came in complaining about her asthma.  When I was her age I was making money going door-to-door shoveling people out.  Pfft.  Go back upstairs, young ‘un and put your nose back into your phone…

Speaking of phones, today’s challenge will be a physically easy one.  If I actually had a way into work today I would totally do this on my commute in or on the way home.  As it turns out, five lines of the LIRR, two of which I could use, are suspended so I’m working from home, no New Jersey commute for me today!

DAY 4 of 30:

Go through your smart phone and delete any app you haven’t used in a few months.  Then go through your pictures and upload them to a photo-sharing site (I use Flickr- look for me there!) This will not only make finding your apps easier but it will cut down on your storage and data usage.

  • All the games on my cell phone are going except for Jelly Splash, Sudoku, Flappy Bird and 1010.  I gave up on the Candy Crush games even though they’re on my iPad.
  • Those money management apps (Mint, Spendbook, etc) have been deleted.  I use an Excel Spreadsheet for my budget and I access it through my laptop.  Therefore I don’t need the Excel app either.
  • Deleting the Michael’s app and the Joann’s app. Trust me, you’re better off going directly to the website for coupons.  The apps are going to send you there anyway.
  • I have five “layout” apps on my phone for all those times I need to post multiple pictures on Instagram .  I’m keeping Pic Stitch, since I’ve been using that one forever.
  • The Yoga Studio app is coming off my cell phone.  I have it on my Ipad.  The cell phone is too small to see which pose they’re doing.
  • Uploading my photos to Flickr.  Deleting the ones I’ve posted to Facebook and Instagram.

If anyone is following along, what apps are you deleting?  What apps are you keeping that you absolutely love?



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