30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 3

Okay, my heart is in the right place but my body is screaming “NO!” I had all the good intentions of sewing and decluttering all day but the aftermath of a blizzard got in the way.  After more than two hours of shoveling our walks and our neighbors walks, my joints decided that they would rather curl up in bed and then on the couch for the remainder of the day.

I didn’t even feel that winded or overworked while I was shoveling.  It wasn’t until I got in the house that I realized I had soaked through a t-shirt and a flannel, both dripping with sweat.  After a hot shower, bed looked so inviting that I took a nice long nap.  That’s what days off are for, right?

It would have been nice to be able to jump out of bed, refreshed and ready to get to work but I’m old.  Creeping out of bed, barely able to stand and shuffling out of the bedroom is more the norm these days.  Add the extra work out I did today and the shuffling was a hell of a lot slower.

So I’m doing the simplify challenge a little late.  If you’re following, don’t wait for me, do it the next day.  We have to be in an almost zen-like mood to be able to tackle these tasks so we don’t feel overwhelmed and angry.  Maintain a positive attitude while simplifying life and we will be able to maintain simplicity.  At least I hope so.

I’ll try to post a little earlier in the day anyways.

DAY 3 of 30:

Take everything out from under your sink, wipe it down and discard anything you don’t use.

I’m specifically targeting cleaning supplies, here.  I do have stuff under my sink (many, many bottles of dish detergent as well as my recycling can and the garbage can.  I also have a cabinet next to the dishwasher where I keep my cleaning supplies, such as they are.  As I type this, I’m wondering if maybe this cabinet is the best place to keep the supplies- what else could go there?  It’s about a foot wide, maybe it would better serve something else?

See? This is all a part of the simplifying process.  I’m constantly asking myself “How can I better utilize my space?”

We’ll revisit this thought since I’m not in any shape to start moving everything around.  For right now:

  • Discard anything you haven’t used in the last year.
  • Condense.  Combine those two bottles of dish detergent into one.
  • Take out anything that doesn’t belong.  Put it where it belongs immediately.
  • Consider simplifying your cleaning supplies- I use one bottle of vinegar and water to clean EVERYTHING.  Since it’s vinegar, I can use it around food, around babies and around puppies.  It’s perfect for cleaning mirrors and windows without streaking.  And I’ve gotten used to the smell- it dissipates almost immediately after wiping.  My bottle of V&W costs pennies compared to the two or three bottles of cleaners you would need to equal its strength and effectiveness.
  • Remove all toxic sprays and cleaners- the bug spray goes downstairs under the laundry room sink. (Which will definitely be a declutter zone sometime soon)
  • We have a self-cleaning oven.  Put the oven cleaner downstairs as well (it’s good for really bad BBQ racks).
  • Put the damn contact paper down on the shelf instead of moving it around every time you take out the trash!  Stop procrastinating!

I now have 12 sponges, one stainless steel scrubby, a box of garbage bag liners, three bottles of Dawn, the garbage pail and the recycle pail under the sink!  That’s it!  The cleaning supply closet holds dishwasher detergent. a large bottle of vinegar, V&W spray, orange oil for wood surfaces, Goo Gone, a really old bottle of Soft Scrub (I started using baking soda instead) and a rinse aid for the dishwasher.  Simple!  That took me all of a half an hour to clean out, including scrubbing the shelf under the sink and putting down the contact paper.

Easy-peasy.  Loads easier than shoveling this crap…img_2020


Yes, there is a car under there.  Yes, it’s on the lawn.

Tomorrow is another day.  I’m sure my muscles will be screaming for mercy tomorrow.






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