30 Day Simplicity Challenge- Day 2

It’s a blizzard!  Mayor Di Blasio has issued a travel ban in NYC.  The LIRR has stopped service and the Long Island Expressway (and most major parkways) has been closed by Governor Cuomo.  The most important closure today, however, was my part time hobby job at the local fabric store.  I was on the schedule to work 1-9:30, but I got an off day today! The power stayed on and I actually finished a project that I’ve been working on for years- my Christmas scrapbook.  Well, it’s technically an ongoing project, but I managed to put all the kids pictures and letters to Santa in correct chronological order on pretty Christmas card stock.  No more pictures floating around!

It was going to be a “sew day” for me but the compulsion to finish that scrapbook was overwhelming.  We will be snowed in all weekend so I’ll catch up on my sewing tomorrow.

Since we’re stuck inside I figured I could tackle a little harder challenge for Day 2.  Meet my medicine “cabinet”:  img_2014

Since my downstairs bathroom currently looks like this:


This is where a medicine cabinet WOULD go…

I keep all my toiletries in the linen closet.  Last summer, while I was off for two weeks waiting for a special delivery, I cleaned out the closet, painted it and purged everything we didn’t use.  Yet the daily use of the medicine shelf results in things being balanced on top of other things and stuff shoved to the back where it’s dark and where I swear the Bandaids go to hide.  So for today’s challenge, I’m cleaning out the shelf.  If you have a more conventional medicine cabinet (lucky!), go for it.

Day 2 of 30:

Take everything out of your medicine cabinet (shelf), wipe it down and put stuff back.

  • Throw away all the empty boxes that your family forgets to toss.  We had four.
  • Put aside all expired medications.  I take mine to King Kullen pharmacy- they take old medicine and dispose of them properly.
  • Condense stuff.  Why are there three open bottles of hydrogen peroxide?
  • Sort stuff according to use.  Feminine products together, muscle rubs together, first aid together, psychotics together (just kidding. Maybe).
  • Herd all the Bandaids back into their box.
  • Throw away all escaped Q-tips before the dog eats them.

Neat and tidy

I’m going to try to straighten this shelf on the first of every month.  I found MR’s vitamins in the back and they were on my shopping list because I forgot I bought them already!

Good job.  The reward is a clean and neat shelf (cabinet), money in my pocket (didn’t have to buy vitamins!) and since I didn’t have to work, I got to enjoy this:img_2016

Stay warm.


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