Eating With Pinterest, Maybe

If you’re my friend on Facebook, or if you follow me on Pinterest you would have a pretty good idea how much time I spend pinning things to my 71 boards (four of them SECRET!  Shhhh!  lol!).  It’s the one place on social media I actually have more than 10 followers who aren’t my friends in real life. Before Pinterest was banned at work, I’d average a hundred pins a week.  I really try to go through my boards periodically and weed out my double pins (it happens) and those pins that I pinned in a fit of hopeless optimism (yeah right).  Several of my boards are food related- bread, chicken, deelicious deserts, muffins, soups and cookies, to name a few.  I also have a board of “Pins I’ve Tried” and there are a few successes in between quite a few flops.

After my half-hearted attempt at cooking off the Serious Eats website back in November and a dismal attempt to follow my meal plan for February (Snowmaggedon!  Thundersnow!  Snownado and other flimsy excuses not to cook) I started looking through my food boards and decided to cook from my pins on Pinterest for the month of March.  I needed something to get me off my ass since February regularly kicks it hard- it’s a short but cruel, cruel month.  So, my rules are simple- meatless Monday, pizza Wednesday and leftovers on Friday.  And every other Sunday I cook my Serious Eats sauce which has become a staple in my recipe repertoire.

And here it is, March 2nd and I haven’t deviated yet!  Watch out, World, I’m on fire!

Pfft. lol!

Last night, I made the roasted chicken recipe from Taste Love & Nourish.  It’s actually the second time I used this recipe- the first time MR declared it the best roasted chicken he ever had (and he hates the WHOLE chicken experience-the bones, the insides, the shape of the chicken, even).  This recipe is stupid easy, really delicious. And tons of leftovers for lunch.

Tonight I made something I’ve had my eye on since I found it a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest.  Spicy Siracha Ramen Soup by Baked by Nature.  Holy crap.  Stop what you’re doing and make this soup. Now. I’ll wait because it’s freaking incredible!  I halved the recipe for Zombiegirl and myself and I’m sorry I did because now I don’t have any left to bring to work for lunch tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day.  I would eat this soup everyday it’s so good.


Photo cred- Zombiegirl, after it was half-eaten.

See what’s on top? A poached egg, Zombiegirl’s new favorite way to eat eggs (her previous way was Egg-In-A-Hole.  If you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either until her friend came over and taught us how to make them.)  No kidding, I didn’t remember how to poach an egg and I had to look it up.  The last time I HAD a poached egg was when my Nana Ethel made them for breakfast.  They were perfect (I appreciate this now, 40-some odd years later) and round and burst when you poked them with the tine of your fork.  Mine lately are usually rubbery and it takes some stabbing to get a drop of yolk out.  BUT. NOT. TONIGHT.  Soup was perfect and egg was perfect.

Sorry.  If you knew me or have tasted my cooking, you would understand this soup/egg adoration.

Hopefully there will be no weird, extreme, stupid weather to prevent me from cooking from Pinterest in March.

I can’t wait for Spring.