I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! (I know, I haven’t done ANY posts in a while!)

I wonder…

  • if the “mock duck” in the Pad Thai I get at the “Tuk Tuk Boy” street cart is good for me?
  • if one should be eating anything called “mock”?
  • if I should join another CSA this year?  My experience with Golden Earthworm Farms was wonderful last year and I ate veggies I never would have tried, but it is expensive and I am the only one benefiting from it.  I may consider it if I could split the cost and the bounty with someone else…
  • how far I have to travel to find a blood donor center that still does two-arm platelet donation?  I really want that rain slicker, but I just can’t go through the one-arm procedure anymore.  I thought all of Long Island did two-arm, but I just got an email that my Lake Success donor site switched to one-arm.  Damn, I don’t want to have to drive to the end of the island just to make a donation.
  • how you could so non-nonchalantly open up my pay stub (supposedly thinking it was yours) and leave my open pay stub and a note (supposedly apologizing) on my desk?  How could you possibly mistake my name for yours? (Trust me, they’re WORLDS apart!)  Why were you even carrying my pay stub from one building to another?  The pay stubs go interoffice- you shouldn’t have even been TOUCHING my pay stub.  Next time I see you, I’m demanding to see your pay stub.  I’m sure you won’t show it to me…you make so much more than I do, and I’m still unclear about what you do here…
  • what kind of dessert to make with Zombiegirl next Thursday?  We’ve started a thing where we’re going to bake something every week and she’s going to take them to school for her friends.  It’s a great way to go through all those desserts I’ve pinned on Pinterest (follow me!) and it lets me a little time to spend with the kid as well as honing her baking skills.  It will be YEARS before we go through all the recipes I have.
  • why my company let us have Pinterest back?  It went RESTRICTED for a week or so, leading me to suffer internet withdrawal and minor internet depression.  I’m not the only one glad it’s back, either.  There is a Pinterest junkie sitting in front of me as I type.
  • what craft to make with our WELCA group?  The Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in St. A’s asked me to do a Heartz and Craftz party with them in May.  I’m wracking my brains and surfing the web for something special to do with them- they’re all ages and craftiness levels so it’s got to be something everyone will like.  Any suggestions are appreciated!
  • how I’ve lived without experiencing the joy of Nutella for so long?  I can remember, almost to the day, when I first heard of Nutella- I was working for a tile store back in the 80’s and all the owners were from either Venezuela or Italy.  They brought in Nutella (and other stuff- sniff, sniff- as well) for lunch one day and I was appalled that this stuff could replace my beloved peanut butter.  It was foreign and I wouldn’t try it and turned away when it finally became a staple in the local supermarkets.  Fast forward years later when Zombiegirl asks me to buy it.  I reluctantly do (who can resist her?) and I try it and ***EPIPHANY*** it’s wonderful!  I have to resist putting it on everything and then licking the jar to get the very last smudge when it’s finished.  I console myself about all those missed opportunities over the past years by telling myself I would have gained TONS if I ate it all along.
  • if you’ve ever heard of  “Once Upon A Time” on ABC?  No?  Go watch it, now.  Season 1 is on Netflix, Season 2 is on Hulu Plus.  It’s wonderful and clever and terribly addicting.  If you have been watching it, let’s discuss.
  • when all these wonderful shows started appearing on network TV?  I NEVER watched network television, now I have so many shows queued up in my DVR I don’t have time to watch them all.  I can only work from home one day a week!
  • why phone companies make their bills so hard to understand?  Or maybe it’s not the bills, it’s the plans that are hard to understand?  Or (as my kids are SURE to agree with) maybe it’s just me that doesn’t get it?  And guy I spoke to on the phone yesterday at Sprint?  I KNOW your name is not “Mack”.
  • if Daryl will be the one to put Merle out of our misery?
  • what exactly makes your path of travel more important than mine?  Walking through Grand Central Terminal (and on a lesser scale, Penn Station.  I do both on a daily commute) is an exercise in raw nerve and self-control.  It’s like playing “chicken”, but with briefcases.  I usually lose because I’m a wuss unless I’m wearing my bright red raincoat.  Then, for some reason, people actually get out of my way.  Maybe I have to ditch the “New York Uniform” of black wool coat for a fire engine red coat.  If I’m wearing a red coat I may not have to step on you if you actually move out of my way and not maintain that collision course into my person.
  • if you realize that calling the ladies in the office “honey” or  “sweetie” or “girls” or “darling” went out in the 1950’s?  Someday, one of these “broads” is going to haul your ass to Human Resources.  You’re 50 years old, not 75.  You should know better.
  • if my house will ever get fixed?  Sigh.
  • why February is dragging?  I can say with certainty that I. Hate. February.  The weather, Valentine’s Day, both my mom’s and my brother’s birthday, the fact that it’s two days shorter than all the other months, that sneaky “r” in it’s name, the picture of Al Sharpton on the “Black History Month” commercials- all things that make February my least desirable month.  Add on the anniversary of Mom’s passing and you get a month that I really can’t wait to fly through.  Which usually happens- time flies by- except this month for some reason.  I feel that February has been around for 48 days instead of 28 days.  Let’s go March.  Hurry.
  • if it’s totally selfish to want go on a vacation without kids, husband or friends?  Would one have enough nerve?  Would one be totally bored?  I’m not sure if I’d ever find out the answers to these questions.
  • why T-Rex’s little arms make me so happy?trexPoor T-Rex.

One thought on “Ponderings

  1. I’ve been waiting for some quiet time to read this post. It’s great reading you again !
    My 2 cents :
    For question 9 : it’s the other way round here, Peanut butter is the exotic one and Nutell is the basic.It tastes slightly different from a country to another (here at home, we love french nutella, but we prefer italian nutella !)
    For question 10 : I’m not sure I want to fall in that trap (but I’m certin I’d love that…)
    For question 14 : I never tried the red coat trick, maybe I should. I hate how in the underground I often feel undesired, I hate how sometimes I fell like Im the one it doesn’t matter to push…
    For 16 and 17, well… I only can offer you a virtul hug, and send you good vibes.
    For 18 : Do it. I left for 4 days in november with only my best friend and I regret I did not do such a thing sooner. We’ll have to do that again sometime (last time was 20 years ago, ahem…)
    For 19 : :o)

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