Crunchiness is Next To Itchiness

It’s been a few months since I’ve gone a little crunchy so I thought I’d update about how it’s going.

I’m about as crunchy as yogurt.  Not the homemade kind, more like the consistency.

In other words, my crunchy experiment has been a slight flop.

You’ll remember, from this post, that I made my own deodorant.  Yummy, delicious smelling deodorant.  All-natural, good-for-your-pits deodorant.  I lifted my arm to everyone, demanding that they smell me.  I desperately wanted this to work, to free myself (and my family) from the evils of alum and save money in the process.

Then the rash broke out.

After about three weeks, a pus-filled itchy rash spread first on one side then on the other side.  Cortizone, Neosporin, baby powder- nothing helped.  While I was putting Desitin on Spencer’s perpetual neck sore, I swiped a little on my own pit sores and in a few days the rash cleared up.  A little internet sleuthing found a few people had the same reaction to the baking soda in the recipe.

Baking soda?  Simple baking soda?  I’ve used it all my life!  I’ve consumed it in baked goods and used it to shine my stainless steel sink.  I’ve mixed it into a paste and slathered it on bug bites for as long as I can remember.  I was sure that it wasn’t the baking soda that was giving me the rash.

Until I mixed up a batch of Fizzy Bath Balls as a sample for a craft class I was holding.

Holy crap, it had to be the baking soda because my hands turned bright red and started to itch while forming the bath balls.  It was the only ingredient that was common in both recipes.   I asked Zombiegirl to finish forming the balls and she had almost the same reaction- her hands started to burn.  After a quick hand rinse, I asked her to try the deodorant.

(Yes, I have no problem subjecting my family to my weird experiments.)

She experienced the same burning sensation on her sensitive little pits.  Another trip to the sink to wash it off and she made a hasty retreat out of the kitchen claiming she was not a lab rat.

So much for that.  Looks like a baking soda allergy runs in the family.  Back to the drawing board/internet to find a baking soda-free recipe.

Beeswax, bentonite clay, shea butter…the next trip to the health food store was an interesting one.  I found another recipe online and modified it a bit (more beeswax) so I could pour the whole thing into an empty Secret container.  It set up nicely and smelled okay (not as good as my original deodorant) and I could turn the little dial and swipe it on just like the store-bought kind.  I was excited to be crunchy once again.

A few days after I made my deodorant, we went to Hilton Head to visit my in-laws.  It was over the Easter break and there just happened to be slightly higher temperatures than usual on the East Coast.  Picture MY face when I took my bag out of the back of the hot car after 16 hours on the road and found my clothes coated in a thin layer of home-made goo.

F*CK my life.  Where’s that Lady Speedstick coupon?


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