Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, blogland.

Welcome, 2012.  Bring it on, beyotch.

I managed to laugh my way through these past holidays after all the stress of hospital stays, sicknesses and family drama was over.  Zombiegirl being her usual funny self, Beena regaling us with tales from the Middle School and Cheesestick’s stories from the hut kept me chuckling.  Our annual Cookie Exchange was fun (and not a bit strained or phony) and Tim and the chicks kept me laughing on New Year’s Eve.  The craft classes went great- all the kids liked the crafts and I taught them and they kept me entertained.  Even MR’s lame jokes seem funny lately.  It feels good to finally laugh.

No, I’m not medicated. Not drinking, either.  No Black Cohosh, even.

I’m just ready to tackle 2012, armed with a grin.  I’ve got solid plans and viable goals that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.  I’ve got strong people watching my back, good people walking beside me sharing my joy (or lending me an arm to lean on) and fantastic people blazing trails for me to follow.  I’ve culled the chaff from my life and I feel light.  I’m not taking anything seriously (I’ll still post F*CK You Friday posts, however.  Wrongs need to be righted!) including myself.  I plan on having F.U.N. this year in everything I do.  Life can and will be good.

At least until February.  Isn’t that when all New Year’s resolution go sour?


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