Stuff I Was Doing When I Wasn’t Here

I’m recapping the last month or so, getting the pictures out of my camera and getting it all down here because,


But you’ll have to wait.  I have things to say first:

  • A few weeks ago, I managed to dissolve some skin on my feet:

Ewww, gross.

No, these are not my feet, but it sure felt like them when I spilled boiling water down my front on Monday.  I was wearing sweats which prevented serious burns on my thighs, but then it splashed down onto my feet.  For the rest of the day I sat shivering under a light blanket because it hurt too much to put socks on my blistered feet.   For days afterwards, it felt like a really bad sunburn.  I didn’t go into the office for four days, but worked from home, pantless.

Lovely.  I’ve been told I need to invest in a HazMat suit.  I happen to look nice in yellow.

  •  Zombiegirl managed to squeeze three sports activities in one day.  First, she scored one of the two goals in her 2-1 win over Syosset- the only win the team has to date and one of the more interesting games of the year.  I’ll write about that debacle shortly.  Then we raced upstate to my nephew’s birthday party at The Cliffs in Hawthorne.  I totally want to have a party there- it looked like so much fun, and something I could actually do.

I’d have to be wrapped in bubble wrap first.

That same night we went bowling for the soccer club’s fundraiser.  Between the beer, the driving and the fresh air, we slept really well that night.

  • We celebrated Halloween.  Try and guess what Zombiegirl’s costume was:

Everyday she's shufflin'...

I was able to successfully finish the costume for her Middle School dance the Friday before Halloween with minimal grousing from her.  I even painted her “Party Rock” shoes:She didn’t win any prizes at the dance, but she came out of the school all excited because she had her own “groupie circle” with her dancing in the middle and everyone circling her chanting her name.

This kid is not shy.

  • Halloween showed up with some very impressive pumpkin carving.  My kids are so creative:And a few unexpected guests showed up:

                                                                                           Zombiegirl and her boyfriend.

  • I made cookies for the families that contributed boxes to our new Halloween props (which I’ll post about when they’re done.):

I've perfected my cookie decorating.

  • The night before Halloween, Beena celebrated her birthday with an interesting cake.  I can’t BELIEVE this kid is 23!

Happy Birthday, Beena!

(She doesn’t like frosting.  Seriously, who’s kid is she?)

  • The wildlife in the neighborhood has gone beyond stalking and is now murderous:


We were getting in the car when it started “snowing”.  When we realized it was bloody bird feathers, we ran.

  • The domestic wildlife got a little weird on the odd day of 11/11/11:

Dogs used computers and kids stopped time:I think I’m just about caught up.

BIG NEWS post is coming soon!  Woot!


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