F*CK You Friday

Yeah, I haven’t had a F*CK You Friday in a while.  Things were going smoothly for awhile, then I hit a speed bump or three and didn’t have the energy to put it all out there.  I also took care of a few of my rants in my last few posts so this should be a pretty light F*CK You…

  • F*CK You to bicyclists in New York City.  While I’m thrilled that you’re taking the greener route home and not clogging the streets with cars, I’m exasperated that none of you are following traffic rules.  Seriously, every bicyclist I see runs through red lights!  And seriously, I’ve almost been run over at least three times a week.Slow the f*ck down and stop at the damn lights…you’re going to kill yourself or more importantly, me.
  • F*CK You to Bank of America.  This morning when I got to Penn Station I tried to buy a monthly unlimited Metrocard.  I tried four freaking times and each time I got “We can’t process your request at this moment”. (I envision this said in a very snooty voice.)  The card is $104 and I’m 99.99% positive I have the money in my account to cover it.  And I’m also 99.99% sure I have NO cash in my wallet to buy a single ride.  So I hike it to 48th Street and arrive at work ten minutes late and more than a little sweaty to find a text message and a voice mail telling me BoA has put a stop on my account due to suspicious activity on my card.  The last time I got this message, they stopped my account because I spent .99 on a download for my Silhoutte machine.  Yes, ninety-nine cents.

That made them suspicious?

I called them and they had put a stop after I purchased  my daily LIRR ticket ($20) and they wouldn’t let the four $104 transactions through, either, thank goodness.  They made a note that I MAY be making an MTA purchase at the end of the month so that they’ll let it through and not suspect someone else wants to go to Manhattan by railroad.  What. The. Hell.  They are monitoring my purchases!  And approving them!  I thanked them kindly for the consideration  then told them I’m furious at them for not letting my purchase a Metrocard and making me walk twenty some-odd blocks.  My wallet and my sore feet say F*CK You, Bank of America.

  • F*CK You to my team at work.  I don’t want to bore anyone with the details of our fight at our last monthly meeting.   I just want the support I was promised when I need it, the workload I was guaranteed when I require it and no egos, bullshit or excuses when I’m trying appease everyone else in the bank.  I want to do my job as quickly and as painlessly as possible so I can go home and not worry about stuff at work.  I’ve been doing this too long to have this kind of crap being pulled all the time from my own team- we’re supposed to be a team, functioning on the same wavelength, not everyone out for themselves.  Piss off, I’m still not speaking to any of you.
  • Speaking of work, F*CK You to all the project managers who NEED things from me.  I NEED THIS and I NEED THAT.   GIVE me this, GIVE me that.   I NEED $100,000, doesn’t mean I’m going to get it.  Try asking, nicely, for the things you need.  You all sound like spoiled children- trying saying please and thank you.  This isn’t 1950 and I’m not your secretary getting you coffee and picking up your dry cleaning.  I have more education than you and definitely more manners.  I WILL tell you to ask nicely next time, asshats.

Okay, I’m out of here.  I got an appointment with a few needles (Dr. Wang, tee hee!) and then a weekend full of soccer and soccer and, oh…soccer.

Have a great weekend!


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