You Google’d What?

I just discovered the Site Stats section of WordPress.  I can see how many people have visited this site (a lot) and how they got here by what they put into the search engine.  I made the mistake of doing this at work.  Now I have to clean my desk and my monitor.  Coffee is a bitch to get out of a keyboard…

Most of the searches are for some form of CANCER+TATTOO+RIBBON, some combination of those three words and few others thrown in like “butterfly”, “mother”, “daughter”, “honor” and the suspect “grandmother” (?)  I know I get a lot of traffic because of my tattoo posts.  The most popular search is “ivy tattoo”.  I expect those.

What I didn’t expect was the amount of Harry Potter searches:  “Veela Hair”, “ollivander snake skeleton wand”, “feather pen and ink harry potter” were among the most popular.  Also up there were a bunch of cross-stitching inquiries and for some reason, women jousting.

The ones that really cracked me up were totally random searches that listed MY BLOG as a result:

will my life be sad without children

in the gyno stirrups

shrimp basket

young girls in chucks

kock out cancer tattoo

sweeti house from hansel and gretel

what happens to blackheads that are left unpopped for a long time?

costco peppermint bark heartburn.

my bunny wants all my money and all my carrots and beena

humpday question 2

“can bedbugs jump?”

sticker stuck in my hair  (HEY! I’m not the only one!)

ripstick air wills

i will be plaque-fighting man bo diddley bop

is ellen muth anorexic or a drug addict?

kansas racoon

little freak kids.

What. The. Heck. These were literally copied and pasted from the list.  I can understand why my little blog would come up on some of these, but what I don’t understand is why the heck people are googling this stuff.  Kansas racoon?  Who the hell is Ellen Muth?  And I’m totally creeped out by the person requesting “young girls in chucks.”  Likewise the “kock out cancer tattoo” person.  Please say that’s a typo…

Ah, I have a new source of amusement for an otherwise dreary day at work.


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