Jams, Bags, Poison Ivy and a Winner

There are two half days left of school and I just spent the evening furiously making the teacher gifts Zombiegirl and I had planned.  Have I mentioned Procrastination is my middle name? In good faith, I have all these big ideas, then when it gets down to the finish line, they usually go haywire. 

Not tonight.

Tonight I finished the green tote bag Z-girl asked me to make for her favorite Math teacher, Mrs. K.  And we made four jars of Mulberry-Raspberry Jam with the berries she picked back by the creek behind our house for her homeroom teacher, Mr. B.  I only had to redo about three inches of the bag (usually I pull out an average 12 inches of mistakes on my bags.  You’d think I’d be able to sew these in my sleep…) and if the jam doesn’t set, I’m calling it sauce.  Mulberry sauce.  Goes good on pancakes.  Mmmm.

During the mad dash between the sewing machine and the pot boiling on the stove and trying not to get mulberry juice all over the place, or- Heaven forbid, on the bag- I’m scratching the three little bumps on my arm that have that familiar deep itch about them.

I probably have poison ivy.  MR and I spent two days clearing the jungle we call a beach house and even though I was careful, poison ivy senses when I’m around.  And seeks me out.  And usually finds me.

Don’t scratch.

Work was busy as well, so I didn’t get  around to pulling a name out of a hat, so I’ll do it now. (I have to add my friend Evelyn to the pot two times since she commented on Facebook and reposted it for me.)  I was a little surprised no one else commented- this is a really pretty piece.  A lot of people “liked” it on Facebook, but no comments.  Ah, well.  Better chances for those who did!

Drumroll, please!

See the pencil on top of the jar?  I wrote all the names out with that pencil.  That came from the Queen of France.  She has three princesses and we play tennis.  It’s my serve…

And the jar?  That’s my ORT jar- the place where I stick all the ends of the embroidery thread as I’m working on a piece.  Don’t ask me what ORT means…

Lol!  Anywho…. The winner is SunshineKemp!  Commenter number one! 

Email me with your choice of initial and the last name you want along with your name and mailing address and I’ll start working on your frame!

I love giveaways…and reading comments.  I want to go camping in the Florida Keys and I don’t feel like doing anything…NOTHING at all! (Dang Bruno Mars…)

Oh, yeah, here’s a picture of the bag.  Summery and perfect for a trip to the library!

Thanks to those who played.  If anyone is interested in the Initial Frame, email me for prices.

Got to go scratch now.  ‘Night!


2 thoughts on “Jams, Bags, Poison Ivy and a Winner

  1. thanks ;o)

    Queen of France, I’m not running after this title as a famous one finished with her head cut… At least I’m not Austrian 🙂
    And my princesses can also be witches (or fairies with tutus and wands).

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