I wonder…

  • how a baby slug got into the middle of my New York Magazine and then got squished and then I got slug guts in my hair and didn’t realize it until I was a block away from work.
  • if the hoity-toity people on the Garden City LIRR line noticed the slug guts in my hair.
  • how to disguise a loud snore-snort (just one) that escaped while I was sleeping on the hoity-toity LIRR line?   Cough?  Sneeze?  Fake Tourette’s?
  • why I resisted trying out Firefox on both the work and home PC?  The Bank wasn’t upgrading Internet Explorer, and the home PC was running an older version so I installed Firefox on both and now I’m in heaven.  MR has been working off of Firefox for years and I just didn’t listen to him…
  • if I should go back to using margarine instead of the more natural butter?  Seems even a schmear of butter sets my lower gastrointestinal thingys (guts) into a state of sudden panic.
  • what’s wrong with my new friend?  He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s kind and he doesn’t interject his children’s accomplishments/doings/statuses into every other sentence of our conversation.  He listens to me without that look in his eye waiting for me to finish so he can tell some story about himself.  Our conversations have a great give and take.  He’s completely normal, which means there must be something wrong with him.  Serial killer?  Pedophile?  Terrorist?  We’ll see.
  • what makes soccer parents think their kid is too good for our team?  Are they planning on leaving because of the coaching staff?  Or is it because the coach puts her best friend’s kid on the team and that kid has no soccer ability whatsoever thereby rendering this team less than serious?  If the girls who tried out for another town’s team don’t get picked up and they continue to play with Zombiegirl’s team, will they put 100% into playing?  Should our team continue training and playing with them only to prep them to leave?  An employer wouldn’t put up with that, why should a soccer team?  I’m thoroughly disgusted with this whole soccer environment.  I just want my kid to play serious soccer and enjoy a winning season.
  • why my husband and his friend have been to more hotels/motels together in the last few years than my husband and I in the 14 years we’ve been married?  They’re planning another hunting trip.  I wish he would plan a surprise weekend away, just the two of us.
  • why it’s against my daughters beliefs that the dry dishes should be put away.
  • how many jars of hot sauce I’ll be able to make. Judging from all the little buds on the five different varieties of hot peppers I planted, it looks like a lot.
  • why I can’t watch Netflix at work.  I discovered “Heros”.  This show is awesome and I want to watch an episode or two at lunch, but the work PC won’t let me.
  • if I can learn to live with the pain in my head.
  • why some parents enable their kids faults.  Instead of pushing them  to be better (at sports, at school, at being a good friend) these parents (and grandparents) make every excuse in the book why their kid fails at just about everything.  “As long as they’re having fun” won’t cut it in the real world.
  • why I can’t get that damn Bruno Mars song out of my head.

Giveaway post tonight!  I figured out what I’m giving away!


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