I was planning on telling you all about the Christmas gift MR gave me this past year, but  I’ve had a migraine all day and I just want to go to bed to sleep it off.  My head feels like it’s ready to implode and I need to replace the bag of frozen edamames I’ve been wearing since 8:00 pm because it’s dripping down my face and pooling on the couch.

If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll clean up this post.  Right now I can barely see the screen.

I didn’t make this one, but I can duplicate it with your family initial and last name…the frame might be slightly different but the effect will be the same.

Your choice of initial and last name, about 9 to 11 inches square, glass and vinyl.  This is a great wedding gift, or engagement gift, or just keep it for yourself!

Okay, the rules:  Comment here before Monday, June 20th.  Tell me some of your summer plans.  Make me insanely jealous with the fabulousness of your life.  Post it on Facebook, and that will earn you an extra entry.  Subscribe to the blog and you get another entry.

Comments will be closed at midnight EST Monday and I’ll pick a winner out of a hat (or bag, or mug…whatever I have handy).  I don’t expect as many entries as the SewMamaSew contest, so writing them out will be easy!

I’m off to bed with a bag of corn.   Have fun


6 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Feel better!!!
    Our summer plans are a few camping trips…One without the kids for a week in the keys!!! Yay! That one will be great! 🙂

  2. I want to enter, I want to enter ! And by the way, while writing this I can picture myself jumping and screaming like a 4 years old little girl….

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