A F*CK You Friday post on Tuesday?

Holy Cheesesticks.  I know.  I’ve been slacking.

Red raging thoughts swirl in my head.  I’ve been in such a bad mood lately that even my precious Black Cohash can’t control my rage.  I think I either need Xanax or therapy.  Which is cheaper?

I hate to complain, here on this blog.  I started writing here THREE YEARS AGO to document what the family has been up to and have a place to store the interesting stuff I found on the internet.  I love to write, and I know there are some people out there that actually like to read what I have to say.  But lately, I start post after post and they’re all the same…complaining and bitching and moaning.  Every day has turned into a F*CK You Friday, and that’s not the image I want to project out to the internets.  There is still the stuff I want to document and write about- and it’s all been good- but my mind is weary with the bullshit.  I’m sad, hurt, upset and angry, and it’s hard to get out from under it.

Whatevs.  It’s an MP not a YP (my problem, not your problem).


Did I mention it’s been THREE YEARS since I started this blog?  Three hundred twenty-some-odd posts!  That’s one post approximately every 3.36 days.  That’s not too shabby, am I right?

And since the thing that makes me happy is making stuff to give to people (even though some people TOTALLY don’t appreciate it or forget all that I’ve done for them)  Crap!  Begone, negativity…. I’m going to have another GIVEAWAY. They’re fun and it might cheer me up.

(I know I still owe some people some stuff.  Please hang in there ladies, it’s coming REAL soon.  Promise.)

What am I going to giveaway?  I have a few ideas, but maybe you have some suggestions?  Anything you’ve seen on this blog (or another blog) that you might like? Let me know.

I’ll post Thursday night what the giveaway will be, and then you’ll have all weekend to comment and spread the word.

On another note, one of my offspring is writing again on her blog.  Then, she split her rants and starts another blog.  I borrowed the “Holy Cheesesticks” line from her.  It was a LOL moment…

Read her too.  She’s still riding the bus and is now working in pizza insanity.  Holy cheesesticks.

As for MY insanity, I have to learn not to sweat the stupid stuff and let it roll off my back.  There are inconsiderate, clueless, selfish, hurtful asshats out there that I unavoidably have to come in contact with.  I must learn to deal (or not deal) with them and not to let them bother me.  I have  a lot to think about and therapists to look into.

And coupons to clip.


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