Don’t Send Out the Amber Alert Just Yet.

No, I was not eaten by wolves, although Zombiegirl was kind of attacked by a coyote recently.

No, I was not on a secret mission in Pakistan maintaining radio silence so Osama Bin Laden would not be tipped off to the raid.  I was hiking in a remote area, however, not seeing another human (except the kid and the hubs) practically all day.  Osama could have hidden out in Bear Mountain State Park for weeks and no one would have found him.

No, I wasn’t fired or transferred and didn’t win the lottery (no surprise there, April!)  I have been STOOPID busy at work being everyone’s whore and haven’t had a moment to surf the ‘net, blog or answer any emails.

No, I wasn’t captured by aliens.  At least I think I wasn’t.  Some days I think my mind may have been tampered with because April (the month, not the friend) flew by way too fast, causing me to think my Time-Space Continuum was altered.  In any event, the aliens must not have found anything interesting on my person and they let me go…

No, I wasn’t kidnapped by Columbian drug lords.  I did spend a day next to a 2,000 degree oven which is hotter than Columbia ever gets.

No, I didn’t go to Hilton Head to see my in-laws for Easter this year.  I did take a staycation though, and had a really nice Easter with the family, Dad and Rob.  I say it was nice because the guys and Zombiegirl went to a Mets game (thanks, Jimmy!  I owe you an email…) and I was able to cook in peace and watch Weeds with Beena.

No, I didn’t have an accident and end up in the hospital in intensive care.  On the contrary, I celebrated a very healthy birthday at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant.  Oh, and dragged the family to see a gnome movie.  Don’t ask.  I think the family would rather have spent the time in intensive care.

No, I wasn’t swallowed by a whale.  I have been spending an enormous amount of time being wet though, watching soccer and softball games in the rain.

So no, nothing drastic happened to me to cause my disappearance from the blog.  I haven’t had time to fart, let alone drop in on my blog friends and my favorite places.  I haven’t been able to respond back to an adorable movie (Djaj) or send out some homemade goodness (Jansie and Kim).  I need to send out love to several people in my life who need it and I’ve been slacking.  I’ve made plans for dinner that I’ve had to cancel because something (hopefully good) came up.

I just haven’t had time.  Yet all my time has been (mostly) taken up with good stuff, good things going on and with connections with good people.

Despite all the craziness, I’m back in a good place.  I need to tweak my schedule a bit to include the things I’ve been neglecting (Dad!  I’ll be over to plant my veggies REAL soon!), ignore the truly insane people bent on making my life uncomfortable and my life will finally feel like it’s landed butter-side up.

It’s all good.  Even when it’s bad, it’s okay…it gets good again.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Send Out the Amber Alert Just Yet.

  1. That’s great, a bit of sunshine into my cloudy day !
    This was the best reason ever not to have posted or replied sooner, I could have bet you were on Easter holliday and it looks like it was great !I want great hollidays too (well, just hollidays would not be bad, but I feel demanding today !)

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