A Happy Birthday Contest

Zombiegirl turns 12 today.  How is it possible that this kid is 12?  One more year until she’s 13 and all the trials and troubles that come with teen years; wow, I can’t wait.

Because she has a soccer game today, I made cupcakes.  I know I said I was done making cupcakes, but if her birthday wasn’t on a soccer day I wouldn’t have made them.  I asked her what kind of cupcake she wanted and she told me.

I tried.  Really.  I pored through the cupcake book and the internets and no one had anything remotely like what she wanted.  So I figured I’d do something totally out of character for me and MAKE IT UP MYSELF.  Right.

You have to realize that I’m not a creative person.  I can do almost any craft out there, and get mad props for it, but 99% of the time I’m copying someone else or using someone else’s creative juices.  I have no juice of my own.

So, as you can see, I made cupcakes.  They do not look like what Zombiegirl asked, but she’s a little okay with it.  I say a little because after all, Mom should be able to anything…

The first person who can tell me what these cupcakes are SUPPOSED to be will win something handmade by me.  Don’t tell me what they look like, we all can see what they look like and that’s not what the 12-year old wanted.  As for the handmade gift, I have a pretty good idea what I’ll be giving out and it’s bound to be liked by everyone.

Our immediate family is excluded from this contest since they were witness to my agonizing over what these cupcakes should look like.  I thank them for not laughing too hard at me.

Have at it people.  What the hell are these cupcakes supposed to be?

And while you’r ehere, could you send some bloggy birthday wishes to the kid?  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday Contest

  1. I’m going to say Felix the Cat.
    Happy Birthday Zombie Girl!!! LOVE the blue in the hair.
    BTW, I’m the same. Can make anything..but, creative myself? Not so much. I’ve always felt cheated.

  2. After watching diego and Reading this blog at the same time I realized that they some wat resemble eachother…..and kristina verified that I was correct!

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