It’s Hard to Believe Such a Calamity*

How often does the opportunity come up where you have nothing, absolutely nothing to do.  I’m talking about those times where you don’t have to meet with anyone, you don’t have to answer to anyone and no one is expecting anything from you?  A time where one or all of your family members may be away and your time is your own.

I know it doesn’t happen to me often.  I’m everyone’s bitch, from the job down to the kids.  I’m even the laundry’s bitch (you KNOW how that washing machine gets…) and the dogs bitch (ha ha!) and the cat’s bitch.  I’m constantly in “motion”, doing and running and serving and washing.  When I’m not in motion, those times where I can sit and watch a little TV, it’s at Zombiegirl’s request. 

I was looking forward, therefore, to Zombiegirl’s sixth grade trip to Frost Valley the same time MR was going up to Boston for the Seafood Show.  A little time by myself, doing things I wanted to do.  I arranged to sew work from home on Friday so I could pick Z-girl up at school when she got back, and MR and I were going to spend some time together Wednesday night before he left.  I asked Dad if he wanted to go to Cheeburger Cheeburger on St. Patrick’s day, far away from anything Irish related (because y’all know how much I HATE St. Patrick’s day.) All stuff I wanted to do, because I had all this time on my hands.

The best laid schemes of mice and men (and me) and all that crap.  Yeah.  They often go awry and leave us naught but grief and pain, for promised joy.  Boy, Burns, you got that right.

Instead of spending some snuggle time with the husband, I started bleeding Wednesday afternoon and then we spent three hours of non-romantic time trying to get the van fixed.  Beena couldn’t get it started when she came out of student teaching at the high school four towns to the west so MR rescued her so she wouldn’t be late for her real job.  When I got home I went back to the van with him because I felt bad he wasn’t going to get any action before he left.  After three hours in the cold, dealing with a maniac jumpstarter from Roadside Assistance and one tow truck later, we were totally pissed off and wiped out.  MR rushed around throwing stuff he’d need for the five day trip and we passed out two hours earlier than normal bedtime because after all, we were up at four a.m. to drop Z-girl off at school to start her trip.

Yes, they go awry. 

I practically begged my boss to let me work from home on Thursday because now I had to deal with the mechanic.  I’m lucky I report to a manager who doesn’t care what I do as long as my work is done and done correctly.  It turned out I was really busy “at work” and I didn’t get much time to do anything else I wanted to do.  Dishes were washed and the floors were mopped (while routines were run) but they’re no fun.  Kansas and I picked up the car (it was the rusty battery connections), got some food shopping done, Kansas practiced her driving and I grudgingly went back to work. 

Dad took us out for dinner (which included a “green” pistachio shake) and by the time I got home, I was stuffed and sleepy because after all, we were up at four a.m. to see MR off.  I was so tired, I didn’t even appreciate being in the big bed all by myself.

Friday saw more work, no sewing (although I did get my office cleaned up a little) and then off to pick up Zombiegirl and her friend Suzie.  The rest of the day was spent listening to them tell me about Devil’s Hole, Petey Pete, snow tubing, Birds of Prey and maple syrup while I ran occupancy plans and sent stuff to the printer.  After Suzie went home, Z-girl got sick so the rest of the night was spent cuddling on the couch.

Saturday comes and I still haven’t done anything I planned to do (sew, blog, dust, paint, sleep late, bake) and now it’s time to drive 70 miles to Z-girl’s first Long Island Cup game.  I have a slight migraine and the last thing I want to do is stand in the wind and yell.  It hurts to yell.  I had the sense to ask to carpool with Ronnie (Suzie’s mother) so I didn’t have to actually drive.  After an awesome game (which they won) we browsed the Christmas Tree Shop in Deer Park and stopped for pizza.  We got home around 7:30 pm and Zombiegirl is still feeling sick, and I still have a migraine so we rented Vampire’s Suck and ate popcorn for dinner.

Dad left us to go down to Florida to see Aunt Jean and Uncle Bob (Mom’s stepsister) so by this time I was feeling pretty damned depressed that everyone had gone somewhere and I wasn’t going anywhere.  A dear friend’s mother passed away on Thursday, so Z-girl and I went to the wake on Sunday afternoon.  Under the sad circumstances, it was nice to see everyone again.  We made plans to get together (not at funerals) and catch up.  When we got home, to cheer us up, Zombiegirl and I took out our bikes to go to the grocery store for cat food and lattes.  Those damn plans went awry again and we ended up walking to the gas station to fill the very flat tires.  Twelve cans of cat food, two caramel lattes and four flat tires later (Zombie-g says we’re “such girls” because we didn’t know how to fill up the tires- they went flat on the way home.  We promised to watch how MR did it so we wouldn’t be dependent on men.  My little feminist…)  By now I’m ready for a nap because I’m physically and emotionally tired (but jittery from the latte) and just as I doze off…MR comes home.

I had too much time on my hands and nothing went as planned.  Normally, I would get upset because my house didn’t get cleaned, I didn’t bake as much as I wanted, the walls and ceramic pieces didn’t get painted and I didn’t sew.  But I’m not upset at all because I spent some amazingly marvelous time with my daughters, my dad and a good friend, got all the niggling little things wrong with the van fixed and caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  My husband was happy because he didn’t have to deal with my bleeding issues was working. 

John Lennon said it best.  “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

It’s a good life.

*Okay, this flipped me out…I was typing in “Too Much Time on My Hands” in the title.  Take a wild guess as to what song came on Pandora at that moment?  I had to look twice at the title while listening to the Styx song.  Way too creepy, so I changed it to another line in the song.

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