New Sites, New Web Friends

I’ve been surfing and saving noteworthy websites in my Favorites again, so it’s time to clean out. Some of my Web pals are too busy with their real lives to update their blogs so I took them off my pals list and put them here. I’ll check back every so often. I’ve added a few awesome new blogs I’ve found. They make me laugh, cry and think. And want to travel. And paint my house purple. I’ll live vicariously through them:

  • I love Michelle at Just Eat It. Her bat-shit craziness and universally abundant ramblings poke my heart.  She hasn’t updated recently, so I’ll check in on her from time to time.
  • When I go to Austin, I’m booking a carriage ride with Brooke at Honest Hyperboles, the funniest, smartest buggy driver in Texas.
  • I don’t know who TYWKIWDBI is, but they always manage to find cool things on the Internets.
  • The Daily Smoke is American by birth, British by passport and living in Madrid. Her header is like her writing- wispy and ethereal.

I’m also adding a new page: People Craftier Than Me. I want to immortalize the websites I go to when I need inspiration or awesome tutorials. This will be added to often since there are some very talented people out there. TBU (To be updated…)


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