I have six blog posts drafted. 

I have 23 pictures in the WordPress Media Library waiting to be written about.

I have three dreamscapes I need to get out of my head.

I have two poems 99% written.

I have 11 awesome websites I want to add to my web pals and links I love.

I have things to say, people to thank, Christmas stories yet to share. 

I can’t find the time to type.

I can’t even think of a title for this post.

What I HAVE been doing is sewing.  And sewing.  Oh, and sewing.  Several different projects all on a deadline and not finished yet

And since we’ve been averaging one snowstorm a week, I’ve been playing in said snow, making a HUGE snow dinosaur with Zombiegirl.  I can’t even finish that.

And, I’ve been taking care of MR.  Seems the more he gets in shape playing soccer, the more he hurts himself.  Since starting to play with the Owls two seasons ago, he’s had shin splints, a sprained ankle, broken ribs, groin tears, three inch blisters and other various bumps, bangs and bruises.  These guys are brutal.  Friday night he had to play goalie since RSS couldn’t make it and nobody else was crazy enough to do it.  He deflected a ball kicked at him from five feet away going 100 mph and bent his right wrist back to a position usually seen in some freaky vampire movie.  Thank goodness he didn’t break/fracture it.  He can move his fingers but can’t twist it or put pressure on it.

Unfortunately, he can’t partake in his favorite pastime.  I have to help him with that…

It did turn pretty colors, though.

The pictures don’t do it justice.

Yeah, I need to get on the ball.  The blog ball, not the soccer ball.

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