722 of 1001 Done, 709 of 1001 To Be Read

Since I couldn’t find The Ragazzi by Pier Paulo Pasolini (#502) I finished book #722 in my list of 1001 Books to Read Before I Die.  It was Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis.  I saw a table of classics at the library a few weeks ago and after a quick check on my Android I settled for this one.  My goodreads.com review:

The only thing I liked about this book was the timeframe.  After watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO, I’ve become quite enamored with the Prohibition Era.

I did not like George Babbitt.  He reminds me of a close friend of mine…making a stand only when everyone else is, voicing opinions the same as those around him, flip flopping on issues and being important only in his mind.

The issues were good- women’s suffrage, the morality of business and prohibition.  I couldn’t handle George’s conceitedness and the way he treated people around him. He was insufferable.

This book was the 1920’s version of the movie American Beauty.  Man dissatisfied with his life, not knowing what he wants out of it.  Flirts with the idea of an extra marital affair.  Blah blah blah.  We all get dissatisfied, George.  I still don’t believe you had a thing with Tanis.  I don’t think you would have the balls. 

My intense dislike of the main character probably held me back from liking this classic as a whole.  I’ve had it with annoying, whining protagonists.

Zombiegirl now picks number 709- The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet.  Okay, this one is french, pretty scandalous and written when the author was 16-18 and having an affair with a married woman.

Am I small-minded to say I can’t wait to read this? 


5 thoughts on “722 of 1001 Done, 709 of 1001 To Be Read

  1. I read “le diable au corps” several times when I was much younger… I only remember one particular scene in the novel now… This novel is considered as a more modern version of “la princesse de Clèves” by Mme de La Fayette hère, and it did inspire Radiguet…
    Btw, I would be curious to see your 1001 books list !

    • Hi Djaj- Oh, do tell which scene stands out! I’m also going to try to rent the movie (there are two, 1969 and 1989) but the movie isn’t always as good as the book.

      La Princesse de Cleves isn’t on the list, which is on the left side bar of the blog. I’m putting it on my Goodreads list, though- thanks for the recommendation!

      • Well, I just remember the oddity of the main character choosing the furnitures… I don’t want to spoil your reading so, we’ll talk about that when you’ll have read it ;o)
        I’m going to have a look at your list, I’m very curious of what I may find in there and if I read some…

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