Countdown to Christmas – It’s in The Cards

One of my projects in my 101 in 1001 days is to make my own Christmas cards.  This insane idea usually gets started around Thanksgiving when I realize “Holy shit, I forgot I have to make the Christmas cards!”  I had an idea of what I wanted to do all year, but in my usual procrastinating way, I didn’t plan until it was too late.

Last year, I did the Iris Folding cards  but this year I wanted to utilize a book on pop-up cards I had bought (and NEVER OPENED) a few years ago.  I found a fairly easy design (insert sarcastic “snort” here…) and decided I’d make the thirty I need.

I. Never. Learn.

Sequestered behind my little walls at work, I furiously cut, glued and wrote out the cards.  When I finished up after a few weeks, I figured I had to be close to thirty.

I had ten.

I FORGOT I had to cut out TWO of each tree in order for the damn card to “pop”.  I had to go back and cut out all the other sides.  Shiiit.  I sliced and diced (oftentimes my finger- can I utilize my blood as an ornament on the tree?)  I went through six Exacto blades and practically a whole ream of paper (I had to hit Rob up for more).  As the time for mailing drew near, I had to start putting these suckers together.  I cut scrapbook paper for the shadow and glued the trees together.  They were written out and folded and…

How the hell do these things go together?

The book is written by a Japanese author and I think it was translated from Japanese into (very bad) English.  I had to figure the whole card out myself because the instructions were so vague.

So I forgot a step…

The whole inside of the card has to go into a folded outer piece, making the outside of the card. 

Back to the cutting board.

More glueing and decorating and I’m finally ready to pack the up and address the…envelopes.

Crap.  I don’t have any envelopes.  Whatever I do have is too big.

Online searching found me an easy template (I’ll post the link- it’s a good one to have- when I find it) and I was able to adapt the pdf to a size I need.  The green construction paper we DIDN’T use at the Cookie Exchange was perfect for the envelopes.  A little glue, a sticker and…

I’m still 10 short.

There isn’t any more time.  I apologize if you didn’t get a tree card from me this year.  You’ll have to settle for a Hallmark star card (I picked these out two years ago and never used them) but they’re really pretty, too.  Next year, I promise.  I’m starting the 2011 card next week.

Mmmm.  Yeah, we’ll see about that.


One thought on “Countdown to Christmas – It’s in The Cards

  1. Wow! Those are pretty cool. We always have good intentions…I say this as I type comments on your blog when I should be finishing up Christmas presents that need to be sewn! 🙂

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