Countdown to Crhistmas – Traditions

We’ver been doing so much Christmas-y stuff these past two weeks and I haven’t been posting about them because I lost the cord from my camera.  I knew it was in my office somewhere, which means it’s either under the two-foot high pile of proposed sewing or under the mess of my worktable- the catchall for everything in the house that doesn’t have a place.  Or maybe under the piles of craft boxes on my floor that you have to step over to get to the sewing machine or computer.

I need a professional organizer.  One with a strong stomach.

I eventually found the cord- in my camera case (go figure) so I can now upload pictures.

I’ve already blogged about one of our Christmas traditions- the decorating of a gingerbread house.  This year I bought one Zombiegirl wasn’t really happy about.  (I don’t really like the Wilton houses either…)  We finally made time to sit one Saturday morning and do it.  It turned out that Beena and Kansas were home so we all were able to decorate it.  A few spats ensued (seems no one likes my icicles or my dancing bears) but in the end it was really nice that we were all able to work on it.  The minute we finished, Zombiegirl was ready to eat it.

I convinced her to save a piece for Santa.


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