Countdown to Christmas- Christmas parties


Natasha.   No i mean hahaha. That’s what happens when you’re a little toilet (tipsy…typed four times, btw…) and your swype doesn’t work and you don’t work…you end up with hysterical posts that don’t make sense.  We had a holiday party that lasted all day and you (i) drank all day long because its the only party one gored to because the people are real and really nice. Standing in Penn station watching people go by and laughing out loud at the ridiculous bess if it all.

I really am a lightweight drinker.

Oof. Don’t go to k mart when you’re slightly drink.  Drunk. Spent too much money on sticking suffers stufd ers.  Studd we s. Stuffers.  Ah.  Third times the charm!

Ok. Well,will pick a winner tomorrow!  this us not all me drink and stuff…swype is funny on its own!

Oh, I want to go to barbados…


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