Countdown to Christmas – Need a Gift?

Holy hotcakes!  I can’t believe how many comments there are so far for my humble little tutu!  Y’all are so sweet saying so many nice things about it.  I can’t wait to pick a winner!

If you have someone on your list you have no idea what to get for Christmas, I know people.  I have friends in high places who sell stuff.  Check out their websites or give them a call to get that perfect gift:

  • Kelli at Gobbie’s Goodies has beautiful handmade gifts and cards.  The cards are awesome- she took all the pictures herself.  Christmas plates, decorations, kids stuff…email her for pictures and prices.
  • Eileen sells Jewels by Park Lane.  I’ve bought many pieces from her- their deals are awesome! No matter what piece I wear, I always get complimented on it.  Email Ei with your order-
  • My soccer peep, Jan sells Tastefully Simple food products.  I can’t tell you how many of their spices I have in my pantry.  Don’t get me started on the Bountiful Beer Bread Mix.  Oh, yum.  Search for Jan Petersen in the Consultant Search or email her at
  • Denise sells Pampered Chef.  Have you tried their pizza stones?  We make pizza on one every Thursday night- they are awesome!  (Now if I could perfect the sauce…)  I love Pampered Chef’s stoneware- they’re easy to use and to clean!  Email Denise at or visit her website above.
  • Nanette is my Avon lady.  Everyone needs one at this time of year because their stocking stuffers are adorable!  Order at her website at the link above.
  • Finally, the greatest saleswoman of all time, my business Mom, Becky Vance.  Becky sells Passion Party– if you haven’t checked out Passion Parties, you’ve been missing a LOT of fun.  (NSFW, BTW)  If you don’t want to order for Christmas, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is coming up!
  • Oh, yeah.  Then there’s me.  Check out my Etsy shop.  I have to add tutus to it.  If you want to purchase a tutu, please let me know!

Those are my friends and they’re all awesome ladies.  They do great parties and their customer service is terrific!  Makes buying gifts easy…now I have to go and place my orders!


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