Countdown to Christmas – Glee-full

I didn’t start out watching Glee at first.  When I saw the coming attractions for this new show last year, I thought it looked cute.  I never followed up since I rarely watch network TV.  It was only after the girls had been watching and raving about it that now I’ll actually sit, put my feet up and watch.

Last night’s episode was priceless.

As usual, I cringe every time Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester comes on.  Lynch is such a great actress that she makes me want to slap Sue each time she opens her mouth.  Yet I want to hug her when she shows her softer side- especially when she interacts with her adorable sidekick, Becky.

I love Becky.  But really?  She needs to get to class.  Doesn’t she ever have class?

Zombiegirl and I  caught both “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” movies recently (and I’ve been feeling so “Grinchy” lately) so we were thrilled to hear the Grinch songs on Glee.  Then Sue dons the green makeup and does the whole Grinch-steals-Christmas-thing in the choral room.

She was the perfect Grinch.

The BEST storyline last night though, was Brittany’s revelation to the rest of the glee club that she still believes in Santa.  The ditzy high school cheerleader wanted nothing more than for her crippled boyfriend to walk.  The scheming and deception to keep the myth alive for Brittany had me in giggles and tears.

Then I remembered who we were watching the show with.  Aw, crap.

Beena and I surreptitiously glanced at Zombiegirl a few times to see how she reacted to the Glee Club’s reaction to Brittany.  She finally noticed us looking her way and she stated “I still believe in Santa”.

I’m not too sure.  I think she believes in him for me.

If there was any doubt that there is a Santa, it was dispelled at the end of Glee.  Santa lives in all of us- especially my favorite character, Coach Bieste.   After posing as Santa (because she fit the suit, d’uh!) and trying to convince Brittany Santa couldn’t pull off a gift as big as helping Artie walk, she purchased mechanical ReWalk legs for Artie and left them under Brittany’s tree.  AND SHE DIDN’T TELL A SOUL.

That’s what Santa is all about.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Glee-full

  1. It’s snowing!… on your blog!. Of course she believe in it for you… You cried when she stopped believing in the tooth fairy 🙂

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