Sounds Like The End Of The World

I am FREAKING OUT right now. 

The wind is howling, the rain is splattering on the windows and THE BUILDING IS GROANING.

Groaning.  Like it’s in pain.  Groaning!

The window panes are creaking and moaning, and I can’t turn around to look out the window because then I’ll see the wind and the rain swirling between the buildings and it’s too scary.  Even on the 37th floor, I hear nothing but emergency vehicles.  Everytime the wind buffets and shakes the building, I let out a little squeak of panic.  My co-workers are laughing at me.  I’m seriously considering sitting under my desk.

If the windows happen to blow in and decapitate me, I love (most of) you.  Sue the pants off of the landlord, the bank and my company.  Pay off all the bills with the insurance and settlement money and don’t look in my underwear drawer…


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