I wonder…

…where my glasses are.  I left them at the SIL’s house Thanksgiving.  They haven’t shown up. They’re probably at the bottom of a toy box by now.

…why mouthwash leaves a sweet aftertaste.  I keep telling myself there’s no sugar in mouthwash. I wish there was.

…why I always have one unruly eyebrow hair.

…why so many of my friends email, Tweet, and Facebook in capital letters.

…when the spirit of the season is going to hit me.

…why I can’t figure out how to change the f- stop on my Rebel.

…what to get my Secret Santa for Christmas.

…how the laundry multiplies.  It does not own reproductive organs.

…How a grown man can listen to the same Barry Manilow CD over and over without putting a gun to his temple?  Here, let me help…

…if anyone will get their cookie recipe to me in a decent time frame.

…why Zombiegirl has “coloring” assignments in her language class.  Really- the cornucopia should have been colored in Second Grade.  This is Italian, for Sixth Graders…

…how to combine all the leftover balances on my Metrocard.  I still can’t figure out those stupid discounts.

…why anyone is still interested in the Pioneer Woman. Her ” love story” is as exciting as toenail fungus on a Saturday night. Worse, her face is going to be plastered all over the Internets as her sheep flock to buy her book. Gads, spare me the slobbering hero worshipping, please?

…why I can’t remember what I’ve been wondering about all day. CRS, for sure.

…if I will fall asleep anytime soon.


A Happy Birthday shout out to Johnny!  Since I’m no longer on Facebook, I didn’t get to wish you a totally awesome day.  MR wanted to remind you something about going to Hooters? Anyway, we love you, Happy 22nd Birthday!


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