But He Doesn’t Know The Territory.

Most of the singing was a little off.

The microphones cut out here and there.

The scenery looked like it would fall down any moment.

Some of the actors made sure they were front and center, even if they didn’t have any lines.

Friends in the audience yelling out the actor’s names was distracting and rude.

The play itself was old-fashioned and dated.


The costumes were imaginative and colorful.

The lead actors didn’t forget any of their lines- and they had a LOT of them.

It took a lot of guts for the actors to sing a capella, kiss believably and play parts outside their gender.

The “families” were multi-colored and no one thought it strange.

The ensemble looked like they were having tons of fun singing and dancing. 

The WH Middle School production of “The Music Man” kept me just as enthralled for an hour and a half as if I was sitting in the best Broadway play.  For that amount of time, we were enchanted and touched (who cries at “Shipoopi”?  Rob does…), we cheered and jeered and sang along with the cast.  The tunes were catchy.  We’ve been singing them around the house for months.

Grandma and Grandpa came in on Wednesday afternoon to go with MR to see the “preview”.  Pop-pop, Kansas, Kendles, MR and myself had the pleasure on Thursday.  Rob, Beena and I saw the final performance on Friday.  As the week went on, the show got better and better.  Zombiegirl said it was better the last day because Marian and Harold actually kissed (they’re in eighth grade and now the talk of the neighborhood.)  I think they just felt more and more comfortable each day.  By the last performance, the cast, crew and managers were all either crying or screaming with delight.  Jessica and Ashley did a great job organizing and directing these sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  I know the kids who decided not to try out definitely felt they were missing out on something.

Zombiegirl, you were a great River City kid (the son I never had) and a cute Won Ton Yee Indian.  You’re a ham by nature (look at your parents!) and I know each year you’ll get a bigger and better part.  Go for it, kid.  If you pile up enough tomorrows, you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.

This play was definitely worth remembering.


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