I’m Still an Apatosaurus

I’ve been unfaithful, I’ll admit.  Captured by the look and intoxicated by the smell, only to find pure joy in the taste.  I’ve been disloyal.  I’ve cheated.

But that damn hamburger was so freakin’ good!

Today is my two-year anniversary being a vegetarian.

I still get up on my soapbox to lay blame on the meat industry for diseased and tasteless meat.  I still pontificate on the cruel treatment of baby boy chickens, cast into barrels and buried still alive because chicken companies only want the girl chickens, only to put them in cages the size of that piece of paper on your desk.  I still preach about the filth cows and pigs have to live in- so much so that the industry has to douse the animals with antibiotics before they’re slaughtered so those germs don’t pass to the consumer.

Yeah, I’m a lot of fun at parties.

But, like I said before, I do cheat.  A pinch of bacon here, a forkful of meatball there.  That hamburger that one lonely, dark night.  That glorious time in Puerto Rico…

Physically, I feel good.  Well, besides the migraines, which have seemed to subside thanks to the acupuncture.  Oh, and that little swallow/choking problem I’ve been having (I have a Dr.’s appointment next week…)  On the whole, though, I’ve been really healthy.  I haven’t had the flu in a few years, I don’t get many colds, and I don’t have allergies.  While everyone else around me drops like flies in the winter, I’m still upright with clear sinuses.  I’m really wondering if it has anything to do with me not ingesting all those medications and chemicals.  Hmmm.

I have been eating chicken on occasion.  I found an organic, cruel-free farm in Huntington and the last time I was there I stocked up on these teeny, tiny little chickens (no added water to plump up the breasts.)  They’re really tasty and I can eat knowing these chickens lived free-range and happy.  We were able to witness the free-ranginess of them when we drove up…there were eggs in the bushes, in the flowers…everywhere!

So yes, I can now consider this a life-style change. I miss spicy chicken wings, MR’s cheesy meatballs and hot drippy sausage/pepper/onion heros from the San Genaro Feast less and less each day.  Really.  I do.  I thoroughly enjoy a spinach salad with garbanzos and kidney beans.  Stir fry me some bok choi and peapods with some chili sauce over brown rice and I’m a happy camper.  I loves me some Chipotle veggie bowl.  I don’t need no stinkin’ steak.

Unless I find a free-range, grass-fed beef farm.

I got the A-1 ready.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Makinajian Poultry Farm at 276 Cuba Hill Rd, Huntington, NY 11743- (631) 368-9320.  They also sell eggs and maintain a country store with organic produce, dairy and frozen food.

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